Saturday, September 25, 2010

Discount Ticket Shops in Japan 日本的折扣票店

Discount ticket shops are shops where people sell their unwanted tickets, cards and vouchers, and where people can buy them at a discount of up to 5% off the original price. The shops are always located around major train stations with a shinkansen stop. In Shinjuku, there are many outside the West gate and I find that the furthest one provides the best savings, although negligible to most people.


These shops sell anything from concert and baseball match tickets, shinkansen tickets, rail passes, department store vouchers, to telephone and Tosho cards.


Tosho cards, cards which have cash value and used for buying books, come in denominations of 500yen, 1000yen, 2000yen, 5000yen and 10000yen. A 10,000yen card may be bought by paying 9490yen, and a 2000yen card may be bought by paying 1910yen. Though meager, I had managed to save 90 yen for a bottle of precious Mt. Fuji water this way!

圖書卡是全國通用的一種現金卡,只能在大書店使用來買書。卡的儲值有500yen, 1000yen, 2000yen, 5000yen 和 10000yen。一張10,000yen的卡可以以9490yen來購買。一張2000yen的卡也可以以1910yen來購買。通過這方法我省下了鼻屎般的90yen,足夠買一瓶從富士山流下來的天然礦泉水!

*Note: They don't sell Tosho cards as nice as mine.


  1. 各方面一起省下來可以吃一頓飯的 =.=

  2. 下次給你看我的壽司便當!



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