Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Eva Goes Solo book signing trip to KL 10-11 Sep 2016

Day One: 
Cooler Lumpur Festival
I was honoured to be invited to this independent literature festival for a panel discussion with famous Malaysian comic artist and doodler Chee Ming Boey. I also got to meet my publisher and editor for the first time!

Because the book was only printed and bound just a few days before the event, I only got to see it during book signing day...  (T△T;;)

Here is quick look in video:

The panel discussion was really interesting but there was a blackout shortly after we started. I was doing Facebook Live for the first time and that was cut off too (connection is unstable in Malaysia). During the talk, I found out that Boey was also from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

MPH Mid Valley
The events were arranged back to back so I had to rush off to Mid Valley with "sweats of joy" like what a FB reader put it ^^;; I was very happy to see Joan again. She came for my book signing at Kinokuniya last year. Although she could not hear and talk to me, I wrote on the paper that I remembered her and she was thrilled :)

I held a Q&A session to give away my Matcha cat cushion and it went to Umm Iman, a fellow Singaporean author who was there for vacation! We were so happy to meet each other and yes, it's really tough to survive as a author here.

I left 10 signed copies at the customer service counter in case you would like to get them!

Day Two:
Koncent Malaysia (located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor)
Koncent is a very nice Japanese lifestyle and cafe shop that sells interesting furnishing and stationery from Japan (and now my books as well!)

Their shop has a very nice deco and I managed to sell my books to a few of their patrons who happened to be there for coffee :) Abel, a fan who missed my cat giveaway yesterday, came down again to nab the free cushion away! Congratulations and thanks so much for your repeated support!

I left 5 signed copies at Koncent!

Borders The Curve
Well yes, it was a dash to another location. I met a few fans and Silvia from Daily Life of Ah Via, a Malaysian animator who was inspired by my comics and doing her own series too! She gave me her comic book and I enjoyed them very much, thank you!!! :)

You will be able to find my new book at Malaysian bookstores by end of this week. I was told that my books are on the way to Singapore bookstores so you should see it on the shelves some time next week.

I will be having book signing at Kinokuniya Takashimaya on 24th Sep (Sat) 2-3pm and I'll be doing a FB live session! So please come down to support! Thank you!
FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/211625845920468/

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