Monday, September 19, 2016

Comics: Seven Wonders of Japanese

1. Spend 2 hours on Natural Makeup.
The end result usually looks effortless, from makeup to neat curls on the hair... I wonder what time they have to wake up to do all that before going to work or shop...

2. Not appear sweaty in suits during summer.
Maybe that's why they are likely to get heat stroke during summer because they sweat less? You never hear people from South East Asia fainting or dying from heat in Japan.

3. Drink lots of beer but not look fat.
Maybe because they need to climb a lot of stairs at the train station? Or it could be the small servings or less oil in cooking? Hmm...

4. Look like 30s in their 40s.
Must be something in the skincare and UV protection suit gear.

5. Means "No" even when they said "Yes".
Based on true story from an air stewardess fan who tried to get a Japanese girl's phone number. In the end she did not answer his calls or said she's busy all the time.

6. Always in orderly manner.
Even during disaster, they always queue up to get their rations.

7. Provide good service without charging for it.
Unlike many countries who charge for service and doesn't provide any...

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