Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Talk and Signing at Kinokuniya, Takashimaya (24 Sep 2016)

I was very happy to return to Kinokuniya again after 2 years at its new location! I reached there early to display my prize giveaway: Matcha cat cushion and sticker sheets. Some of my friends reached there early so I asked them to help me take some photos and do FB Live video broadcast later.

Since I was there early, I began to autograph for some fans first. Joey (the boy in photo) came for my Makers Block 2 years ago to make his very own Evacomics T-shirt and since then, he became my very loyal fan :P

Crowd started to gather when I talked about the making of my new book.

To attract more eyeballs, I did a quick demo on how I draw my characters (drawing yourself for 9 years is quite an achievement lol)

Then I invited someone from the floor to come up to be converted into an Evacomics character.

Kurone Shizuhi/ Valerie volunteered. She was my de facto editor who made sure my stories were interesting and understandable in the sketching stage. She is also my patron :)

Next I asked questions to give away my small gifts. My first question for the cat cushion prize was: "On which day of the week do I upload my comic strips"? Not sure if the adults wanted to give kids a chance or not, but Joey's hand was the quickest and he answered correctly! (P.S. It's Monday)

I ended my session at around 2.30pm and began to sign books.

Otto is the artist behind the Sir Fong comics series that makes science interesting for kids. He's one of the few local comic artist I know that is working on comics art full-time. I'm very honoured that he came and he took most of the photos above XD

I also got to meet a few of my patrons and pass them my sticker sheets to thank them for their support. The above is Andrie, I thought he was a she... (I must be too happy and closed my eyes)

Steffi is another of my patron and here I am, so happy that I could barely open my eyes again...

I thought I would finish by 4.15pm but I was told that there were around 50 in queue so I had to speed up my autograph *SWEAT*. Sorry for the long wait!

Above is my Facebook live video. It was silent at the beginning because I forgot to unmute my phone and my friends later discovered it ( ̄▽ ̄;;)

In the end I signed till 4.05pm and had to use the book trolley nearby because the next author's session was starting. I had to stop too because the books were sold out (there's still stock at other branches!). So yup, I was there from 1.45-4.05pm ( ̄▽ ̄;;)( ̄▽ ̄;;)( ̄▽ ̄;;) I believe they will restock within a week.

Thank you all for your warm support and hope you will like my new book "Eva Goes Solo"! 
m(_ _)m Please share with your friends too!

Question and Answer:
1) Where can I find your books?
It is available at all major bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia. If you don't see them on the shelves means they have not ordered my books yet or coming soon. You might want to email them to ask if they will stock up my books and can pre-order them.

2) I have a Popular card, when can I buy from Popular?
Good question, IDK... I was told it should be around this week but just to make sure, it is better to email/call them first. Here is their contact information: https://www.popular.com.sg/contact-us

3) So when is the next event?
The next event will be at the Makers Block festival in The Centrepoint , 15-16 Oct (Sat & Sun). I will be there 11am-7pm. But in case of last minute changes, please check my FB, Instagram or website before going down!

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