Monday, November 16, 2015

Population Control US, Japan and Singapore

US has a lot of land and welcome immigrants (to a certain extent of course). Japan wants to welcome foreigners but difficult to accommodate foreigners. Singapore welcomes foreigners despite not enough land...


  1. And Germany has welcomed way too many refugees without knowing who they are. It's very likely that some radical Islamists are among them and that after France, Germany is next. A general problem in Europe these days. :(

    Nothing against refugees, but at the lack of organization and the way the government has handled the situation thus far. T_T

    1. I understand what you mean.
      We have a lot of immigrants in Singapore too. While I am thankful for some who come here to build our nation together, there is still an issue of overcrowding and ever escalating cost of living. I think even living in Tokyo now is cheaper than Singapore!!!



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