Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is Kobe Beef really worth it?

There are many specialised beef in Japan and the most famous one to foreigners is Kobe Beef. Frankly speaking I had never tried one before because it is so expensive.

I was looking forward to trying it for the first time in Kobe so after reading some reviews on Tripadvisor, I shortlisted this one called Ishidaya right next to Sannomiya station.

There is a page in their menu showing the certificates as proof that they serve authentic Kobe beef.

They even have a cert of a cow they owned with detailed information as who are her parents, her grandparents and great grandparents! Sorry all the females in the family are gone now...

There was even a guide to the names of different meat cuts from a cow... actually I still cannot remember anything!

We were too lazy and hungry to think of what to eat so we just ordered the 14-dish course dinner.
Appetizer is salad and beef mixed with kimchi. I ordered cassis orange, a kind of cocktail to go with my meal.

 First up is cow's tongue, it was a bit chewy and yummy!

Their most popular dish was shabu shabu, and you can see from the beautiful marbling why.

And here comes the assorted cuts from various parts! You can dip them into salt, pepper or sauce.

After that was a bit of internal organs. It was very tasty.
They serve Korean Bibimbap in the end in case you are still hungry, and believe me, the cuts were so small that you had to eat rice or cold noodles to fill up your stomach.

Dessert was Yuzu sorbet.

Frankly speaking, we wished we could have just ordered the beef instead of just the course dinner that costs 6,980yen without drinks. The meat cuts were just too small and the beef melts in your mouth before you realise it. Therefore I would strongly recommend that you visit a steak house unless you prefer thin cuts of meat. Because most parts of the cow tasted the same to me (they had good marbling), I feel Kobe beef is highly overrated and other Japanese beef like Hidangyu tastes just as good if not better. Nevertheless I am happy to finally taste Kobe beef and can now compare with other beef ;)

Official webpage (in Japanese only): http://www.kobe-ishidaya.com/honten.html

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