Monday, November 10, 2014

Trompenaar's Cultural Dimension: Internal Direction Versus Outer Direction

Trompenaar's Cultural Dimension: Internal Direction Versus Outer Direction locus of control

Based on Trompenaar's dimensions of culture: Internal Direction Versus Outer Direction
(How People Relate to Their Environment)

Americans are vocal about their opinions and believe they can change their environment. On the other hand, Japanese tend to avoid conflicts and remain silent to maintain harmony with other people. Foreigners often find it irritating because we do not understand if their silence means consent, still thinking, or rejected. As for Singaporeans, we are a mix of both due to our traditional values but westernised education.

Previous cultural dimensions:
Collectivist and Individualist
Neutral and Emotional
Universalist and Particularist
Specific and Diffuse
Achievement and Ascription


  1. Indeed I find it very unconfortable the way the japanese handle confrontation. I don't like drama nor arguing a lot and I would rather avoid it...but one thing is avoid it and another is just run from it...japanese makes you even angrier when you try to find a solution to an enerving problem and they stay quiet and looking awkward...

    I do have a question...did you ever took a loan from a japanese friend? How was their way to ask you to pay up? That is always a great source for drama and confrontations...I wonder how they handle that

    1. I seldom see my Japanese friends lose temper. When they are unhappy, they would also somehow put it across in such a way that it is ok... (although they are not ok). Somehow they try to maintain group harmony.... no quarrelling...

  2. Aww, Eva-san.

    Did You start picturing political satire? He-he, red communistic russian bear is punching american bold eagle right itnto his boldness :lol: Picture looks too russianish.

    Once I took several tea leaves from tea tree, that makes my japanese friends totally piss off, they called me thief. Do You know why they did get so frustrated? I spend quite a time by robbering that tea tree, and they did afraid that tree owner will call a police. Quite unreal situation: middle of nowhere, tree plants are all around, and, prolly, nearest policemen is 100 miles away :lol:

    Great comics :)

    ewww ...

    1. HAHA No Ewww-san, it was pure coincidence. I always used grizzly bear to represent US and recently started to use bald eagle too.. ha..

      Japanese never take something that doesn't belong to them. So tea trees do not appear in the wild for no reason, someone must have planted them, so of course they will scold you if you steal the leaves from the farmer...

    2. He-he, of course I stole leaves from the farmer.

      Russian people are sneaky, so watch around :P


    3. Wow, I should be careful of you too :P



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