Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 6: Otaku Special at Akihabara, Odaiba and bonus: Nakano Broadway

japan tokyo akihabara denkigai electronic town otaku anime manga figurine toys games
Well actually we went to Tsukiji for early sushi lunch first but I won't blog about it since I already covered the topic in my Tsukiji article last year. Do note that they will be moving out of Tsukiji in early 2016 to allow redevelopment for Olympics 2020.

japan tokyo akihabara denkigai electronic town otaku doraemon figure
I believe this was the longest time I spent in Akihabara because my friend spent so much time looking at all the new and vintage toys...

japan tokyo akihabara denkigai electronic town otaku retailer map tamashii nations
His favourite must be Mandarake that sells pre-owned comics, books, toys, games, anime, etc. They also exhibit many vintage toys that were not for sale. Do check out a more detailed guide at

japan tokyo akihabara denkigai electronic town sega building
Ok... so we spent like a freakin 5 hours there... =_______=
So to all female companions, just wear flat shoes and bring something to kill time.

Odaiba Diver City (Gundam Front)
odaiba tokyo japan diver city gundam front
Although I had been to Diver City Gundam Front for 2 times, this was the first time that I caught their live show. You can check out the show times here:

Wow #gundam #japan

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It was rather impressive because they coordinated the projected animation with the lights, sound and smoke from the statue. It was really cool, I definitely recommend everyone to watch the show at night.

Bonus feature: Nakano Broadway
nagano broadway tokyo japan otaku
We actually visited Nakano Broadway another night but I decided to insert this to complete my "Otaku Special" feature. This place can be found right outside Nakano station and has many shops that sells pre-owned toys, comic books and games!

As usual... the guys spent a LOOOONNNNGGGGG time but luckily the place was not as big as Akihabara and it was faster and easier to move around. Needless to say, I went off to shop on my own before gathering for dinner.

japan Japanese food pork tokyo yakiton
We chose a place that specialized in selling skewered pork because they had an authentic and cosy atmosphere where we could order some drinks to chill out.

japan Japanese food tokyo cucumber appetiser plum sauce
Cold cucumbers and plum sauce... hmm... "unique taste" (means not good)

japan Japanese food tokyo izakaya appetizer
Mixture of beans as starters, very nutritious!

japan Japanese food tokyo izakaya appetizer cabbage
We also ordered cabbage...but what a heap!!! It was very fresh, crisp and sweet so we finished it in no time :)

japan Japanese food tokyo izakaya yakiton pork
They also served some chicken skewers too. Yummy~~~

japan Japanese food tokyo izakaya yakiton pork

japan Japanese food tokyo izakaya sake shochu wine
They had an amazing selection of Japanese sake and shochu :D

japan Japanese food tokyo izakaya sake shochu wine
My friend ordered this apricot sake and it was SOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!

japan Japanese food tokyo izakaya sake shochu wine
So much so that I exchanged my drink with him... hee hee...
Day 7 will be to a festival!

P.S. If you are from a tour agency, airline or interested to promote Japanese tourism, please feel free to contact me to explore future collaborations!


  1. As a matter of fact...if we would to visit Akihabara together you would also spend 5 freaking hours or more hahaha...And a couple of them inside an aracde :P

    I finally got myself a smartphone and got you in instagram! yayy...

    I always get mesmerized when I stand and watch the building is Akihabara with all the signs and shops...Otaku heaven...I don't concider myself an Otaku and felt unconfortable many times while visiting because the real otakus are kind of creepy but still the flashy signs and the arcades really atract me like a fly to a purple light

    1. Hey Creepo! I think I got you on Instagram too! :PPP
      Welcome to the new age where you might become zombified humans looking at your smartphone while walking on the streets! :P

      Well there are lots of colourful signs in Shinjuku and Shibuya too, why Akihabara? :P
      Kelvin also realised the immense gap between a Singapore otaku VS Japanese otaku after he went to Japan for work. But he is still happy to be called otaku.

    2. Indeed you got me on instagram! Now you know how I look like hohoho

  2. Hihi Eva san...Any idea which website we can chat for news of actual moving date of Tsukiji Fish Market?

    1. Hi Charmaine, sorry I made a mistake. They will move out in early 2016.

  3. Oh great!!! Thx so much!!! Looks like I'll still be in time to visit it next year... =P

    1. Yes you will! Enjoy the delicious fresh sashimi, sushi and tamago (eggs)!



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