Monday, November 3, 2014

Coffee on the go in US, Japan and Singapore

I do miss the can coffee in Japan. There are ridiculously small but really good! On the other hand, lesser and lesser coffee shops are using plastic bags now in Singapore. Maybe because they know it's not good for health?

My lovely coffee with bread~


  1. mochi mochi mochi ...

    I like fact that You may buy a can of hot coffee or tea with milk from vending machine. I drank it a lot when I was snowboarding in Japan. It is great feeling of warm can of coffee in hands on chill weather :)

    Coffee from plastic bag should smell of plastic... isn't it? Definitely, it is not healthy.

    Good one ....


    1. It doesn't smell like plastic but warm/hot beverage in plastic doesn't sound like a good combo to me...

  2. Hands down...that plastic bag is the most odd way to give a coffee to go. No wonder the idea is going extinct

    1. Haha it is still very much alive in other countries though :P
      Thailand... Cambodia... Malaysia and countryside of Indonesia...

    2. I still can't get it into my head...drinking coffee through a straw...and carrying a deadly hot plastic bag around...if I ever visit those countries I will take pictures, people in my country won't believe me!

    3. HAHA! It's still everywhere in Thailand. You should be able to find that XD
      I'll try to find plastic bags here... but it's getting rare~



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