Monday, April 28, 2014

Freebies on the streets in Japan and Singapore

I guess other countries are about the same.
You only get free paper advertisements on the streets (right?)


  1. He-he, I like napkins more than usual paper ads. Unfortunately, it is rarely in states to get napkins as part of some promotion, but candy, small snack or pen is a normal. You may also get samples of perfume and other girlish staff in large malls.

    It is quite interesting why there ire only paper ads in S-pore? Do You have any idea?

    ewww ...

    1. Because we are more stingy?
      You only get the free stuff when you buy something...

  2. Best way to make sure people will at least read the advertisement without tossing it immidiatley is with free stuff like the japanese does. I stocked up on tissue like for a lifetime and everytime I used them I read who was giving them away. I even went to eat a restaurant thanks to one of those free tissues lol

    1. I am also keeping two of these precious tissue XD
      I wanted to go to Japan again… but I am too busy at the moment (plus my income is not great to splurge on these now)~



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