Saturday, April 26, 2014

Extended presentation slides about my creative process

This is the extended version of my presentation for the "Singapore Makers Meetup" held at Singapore Polytechnic library on 25th April, 2014. This is for my fans and aspiring comic artists with steps on how I do my comics and other tips. Follow me at

Some snapshots of me, my shy fans and Davy who makes really pretty ceramic leaves~


  1. Shy fans are awsome!!!
    And u too aun...miss Eva =v=")=b
    PS: from another fan with peace
    PS2: no google account or any account except facebook so...let leave this anonymous hoooo~~~~

  2. read throughout and....thank you very much.. i think u just unlock something in my heart (bad english have notthing to say except that :v)

    1. Haha you're welcome!
      I will add on to my slides after I get my book out and give more talks XD

  3. I really liked the slide show.
    I have no idea how webcomics are made ... or even prints. It was very interesting to see.
    I knew it takes a lot of time and effort, though.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us and you deserve all of your Facebook followers! :3333

    Well done. :D

    1. Thanks Jasmine for going through my slides!
      It's definitely a mind-boggling work!
      That's why I'm trying to get myself published so there is a better reputation and passive income… haggling with clients and hunting new ones are draining me now...

  4. He-he, Eva-san!

    Very interesting presentation. Was it in English or Chinese? I mean, if I'd came here, would I understand You?

    It is very sad that Your early webcomics wasn't understand by auditorium. I am still thinking that those are great, especially about toilette :lol: Also, Eva-sun looks much better on earlier comicses, but it is only my impression, which could be totally wrong.

    Also, about that creepy picture ... human brains are usually green. Now You know it :P

    Wishing You all the best :)

    ewww ...

    1. Ewww-san!

      The presentation was in English. And yes, you noticed that my drawing was more detail in my early days.

      Nowadays I am more and more busy so I skipped some inking steps…

      Haha green brains? Must be EWWWW…..

  5. Ooh so many memories. There was the creepy skeleton eyeless guy...I miss the smartass crystal ball as well, but as you well put it in your rpesentation, you have to accept what other say and want and work towards that...shame for me though :P

    1. There were a few fans who requested the crystal ball to come back but I hadn't found a plot to bring her back yet lol.
      That creepy ecorche skeleton guy is called Lucifer hehe <-too troublesome to draw now

      I have too many imaginary friends going around XDDDD

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Ferdy! I update new ones every Monday and occasionally other comics on my FB page too, do like my page for more updates!



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