Thursday, December 29, 2011

Comiket 2011 Winter 東京漫畫展2011

I was curious how Comiket, the most major amateur comic event in Japan, was like. So I brought my friend down to check out together. When we reached Tokyo Big Sight at 3pm, there was no que at all, but the doujinshi (amateur comics) artists were already starting to pack up. I guess the ideal time would be between 12-2pm. Cosplayers can be seen all over the place.

It was an eye-opener on the immense popularity and number of works that are either hentai (boy-girl), yaoi (boy-boy) or girl-girl. There were hardly any works that has no big-eye characters or with a significantly different style. There were also extremely long que of guys queuing up for some kind of anime girl concert or event. Doujinshi booths were mainly selling notebook thin comics for 200~600yen and postcards. Commercial booths were selling more variety of merchandizes with cute girls, ready to pose with male fans. I think if you're an unknown artist like me, it would be very difficult to sell your work in this competitive environment.

Conclusion: I enjoyed San Diego's Comi-con more than Comiket because Comi-con has more variety of styles and merchandizes to look at. I was originally thinking of setting up a booth at Comiket, but it seems like the crowd is mainly into sexy anime girls or pretty boys kissing each other.... ...


  1. wow... well, comiket is a fan girl/boy paradise, so i agree it is difficult to sell unless you follow the trend there *doujinshi* or you have a reputation there. But did you manage to buy anything there?

    And also, HAPPY NEW 2012 EVA! :P I'm sure you will have a more awesome year ahead in japan :)

  2. jacqueline: Nope, I'm not interested in yaoi or hentai, so I didn't buy anything there and was somewhat disappointed.

    Thank you and Happy New Year Jacqueline! Are you in NTU now?

    1. Sorry for the 8 months later reply OTL I seem well, at least now you know what it is about :) *pat* well, currently graduated :P Working short term in NTU :)

    2. Time flies! I'd graduated and going back soon.
      See you... 8 months later? XDDDD

    3. Wait... that's 21 months late, not 8 months XD

  3. 我喜欢动漫,我喜欢日本,但我感到非常失望,我知道他们的漫画和动画公司工作,大多数是日本男子做的。

    不是动漫画的问题, 是哪些男子做出这样的画是 “大乳, 看下面(Panties)或要脱衣服给他看”etc。 我完全讨厌大多数是日本男子,我们大多数讨厌那个臭男人的作品。男人对女子这样做,意思是'要女人做色情',女人真的很悲苦,那个做男人真的是最没用,男人的色情小说和色情漫画作品都是垃圾。

    如果日本女子有做漫画有色情的,哈哈哈哈....许多良好的女人会看不起她 :P

    对不起,我不喜欢美国漫画,我不想看到这样的粗鲁角色,看起来很暴力和爱说粗话(For example Batman?)。我对不太感兴趣画美国漫画,我不接受美国漫画,我喜欢画日本动漫女子。

    谢谢你让我知道,Evacomics ^-^)



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