Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

Finally after staying in Tokyo for 19 months, I have the time and companions to go Disneyland and DisneySea together!

Sorry to start with food, but we were very impressed by how efficiently their paper trays were designed to cater for a single order with multiple meals. The above were pizzas, too little and expensive. We had to get a 420yen teriyaki chicken leg each and some soysauce and butter popcorn to fill our hungry stomachs.

In the afternoon, there's the standard parade that they do in all Disneyland.

Aww... how charming... 浪漫~

 The night parade was different with light ups 晚上的遊行有美麗的燈光,所以效果不一樣:

Here comes DisneySea! We were impressed by its design and felt that it was better built than Disneyland.

The Haunted Mansion from Disneyland is Tower of Terror in DisneySea. But we felt that it wasn't that scary.
迪士尼樂園的Haunted Mansion是DisneySea的Tower of Terror。但是我們都覺得還好,不是很恐怖。

We went to Duffy Restaurant, thinking that it could be Duffy duck or something, but it turns out to be Duffy the bear, Mickey's friend that was made by Minnie. Minnie made Duffy so that Mickey will not be lonely during one of his journeys. Her "incredible" love actually gave life to this bear... Japanese seems extremely fond of this Duffy the bear. The story was so well written that my friend actually went to buy its stuff toy keychain and Mickey... With effective story, you can convince customers to make purchases, and not just one, but TWO to make up a pair and complete the story mission!

The time limit per group was 1 hour, so we could catch the show and eat at the same time. There were 2 episodes and repeated every half-hour. Notice the Mickey jelly on the salad?

We thought we could see the show from the side, but alas... it was a wrong move. View was blocked by pillars. The best seat was definitely the entrance direction.

Our dinner consisted of this 2000yen set, tasted average.

Here's the photo of my friend's keychain and my puppet, a present for my cute nephew back in Singapore, I hope he'll like it :)

 Pretty! 美!

We decided not to walk 20mins back to the JR train station so we spent 250yen on this resort liner to go back. Interesting to have Mickey windows and hangers. Overall, it was an extremely fun trip but...


It's freakin freezing cold due to the winds blowing in open air. Brrr....



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