Sunday, August 14, 2011

Singapore National Day 2011 新加坡國慶日

My university from Japan is holding a short intensive course in Singapore so we had a gathering dinner on National Day at Al Dente, Esplanade. As you can see, the location was really close to the parade!
日本的大學在新加坡辦一個短期暑假課程,所以我們在濱海灣藝術中心的Al Dente聚集用餐。從照片中可以看得出,我們離慶典相當近呢!

From around 6+pm, I could see parachutes flying down like toys...

We were also pretty close to where the helicopters take off!

Majulah Singapura! (Onward Singapore) 前進吧新加坡!

The stage can be seen from our restaurant but the view wasn't that clear.

Of course the grand finale, fireworks!

It was beautiful but I think the fireworks in Japan's summer festivals was better. Nevertheless, the close proximity was quite a spectacular experience.

Our flag was also projected below marina bay sands structure, pretty cool eh?

The food was average so I wouldn't go there on normal days. $150++ for that night's dinner was worth it because of the close proximity with all the action, not bad for couples or gatherings! However if you have babies, they'll be frightened by the firework explosion!


  1. you say, Singapore has got 46 years old??
    oh, very young....

  2. Isao: Yes, it's a very young nation! It was a British colony from 1819~

  3. independent from U.K.?
    and this is 46th anniversary?
    Now I'm curious about how Singapore was before 1819....

  4. Back then it's still called Great Britain I think???
    We were a British colony till WW2, when the British fled and we were occupied by Japanese for 2 years. We merged with Malaysia after the war but didn't get along well so we split apart and became independent on 1965 :P

    Singapore before 1819 was said to be a malay fishing village, but I don't think there were any merlions back then!

  5. >we were occupied by Japanese for 2 years.
    I think I've heard about that.

    When did the merlions start to symbolize Singapore?
    What on earth is a merlion?
    Is that a fantasy animal?

  6. I'm not too sure when, but google always has the answer!

    It's a fictitious character that was designed by a company for Singapore Tourism Board in the 60s.

  7. oh.....原来如此......



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