Thursday, August 25, 2011

[055] Shit and Food is a fine line away 食於屎乃是一線之差

Many Japanese restaurants are very small. Their toilets are right next to the tables. So when you're inside doing any kind of business, you have a feeling of proximity with the people eating right outside the door. How do I know? I was in Rolex's position :P



  1. Hi Eva,

    I think you rock! Your comic strips are funny. Will be reading your blog more often now.

    Where are you now? Japan or Singapore?

    Hana, KL.

  2. Hi Hana!
    Thanks so much for being here :D
    I have a facebook page too if you're interested to join for automatic updates where there's a new strip! ^^

    I'm now in Singapore for summer vacation but will go back to Tokyo to study for another 2 years in mid sep.

  3. oh, really?
    I'm not sure but maybe I'm going to Singapore in early 9 to register in a recruitment company(I'm now in KL, Malay). It'd be marvelous if we could meet up there^^

  4. Isao: Sure! Where's your recruitment company?

  5. do you know here?
    Tempstaff Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    16 Raffles Quay, #27-04 Hong Leong Building Singapore 048581

  6. Hope U will be thinking about that the next time U go to restaurants, very hard to swallow the good food. Hehehehe!

  7. Isao: I don't know the company but I know the place! :P
    So are you coming down on a day trip?

    Hui: You cannot imagine how hard it was to control the volume in the toilet...

  8. one day trip seems very tough@_@;;
    is it far from where you are & (international)bus terminal?

  9. Isao: We don't call it as "international" bus terminal, it's just a normal bus interchange. If you're taking a public bus, you'll have to change to a mrt later to the agency that you'd mentioned. Not sure how you want to get here. Flying takes an hour, bus rides probably 5-6 hours. It's possible to be a day trip if you can sleep in the bus XD

  10. Is the agency, I'd mentioned above, far from where you are?

  11. It's not that far, 35mins train ride.



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