Friday, August 26, 2011

[056] Never ask the Waiter if the food is good or not 不要不要問侍應生食物好不好吃

Never ask the waiter if the food in the menu is good or not, it's common sense!



  1. "Never ask the waiter if the food in the menu is good or not, it's common sense!" Nor insult them or piss them don´t really know what you might have in your plate next time around.

    BTW...first time posting but read all the comic till are very talented, love the sense of humor and of course, the art :)

  2. Welcome canthushme!

    "Nor insult them or piss them don´t really know what you might have in your plate next time around." <-That's true! I seldom get pissed off with waiters/waitresses, especially in Japan where the service is usually good.

    The only time I recall was with Singapore fast food and I won't return there again!

  3. >seldom get pissed off with waiters/waitresses,

    very often in China @_@;;

  4. Hi Eva,

    Raya break here, so was offline for a week.

    True that never insult until you are leaving and sure to not go back to the same restaurant. Got a story from a friend:

    A customer ordered a medium rare steak, thinking it's suppose to be cooked thoroughly. When the customer got his steak, he made a big fuss. Chef came out to explain but got dissed. So chef apologised and went back to the kitchen with the medium rare steak.

    Chef threw the steak to the floor, gave it a few stomps, rinsed it a lil and cook it to the customer's order.

    Customer's comment after finishing the steak: "Ah... This is what i call a medium rare, and it's superb." Really an AHO.


    So, you missed the natsu matsuri in Japan since you are in Singapore? Have you been to the naked men matsuri?


  5. Hi Hana! Selamat Hari Raya!
    Thanks for sharing with me your story!

    Wow, the stomping must have made the meat so tender! I wouldn't mind if I don't know about it :P

    I missed the natsu matsuri in Japan, but I'm not a big fan of Japanese festivals. I still have a photo blog post about the one I went last year:

    Nice experience, but really HOT and HUMID!!!

    Naked men matsuri!? Now I'm interested... :P

  6. Hi Eva,

    Thanks. Selamat Hari Raya to you too. I just tumpang celebrate Raya.

    How hot and humid is Japan in summer? Could it be as hot and humid here?

    Hmmm.... I'm not a big fan of crowds, but am willing to see the matsuri if I can take tonnes of photos. :P

    Well... it's almost a naked men matsuri, just one dude totally naked, hidden amongst a few thousand men in loin cloths. :P

    I really like your main character, Eva: strong, glitzy at times, but optimistic. I like Joanne too, feels like she's actually Eva's alter-ego. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work. :)

    How different is the mentality btw the ppl in Japan and in Singapore? Is it true that men there are very shy when it comes to expressing their emotions?

    I once knew a Japanese lady who told me (after much probing) that she was the one who ask her husband whether if he liked her. And, all he answered was a "mmmm...", while somewhat nodding his heading and looking at the tatami mat. I find it a bit shocking but cute. Any stories to share on this? :P

  7. Hi Hana, summer in Japan is hotter and more humid than Singapore, mainly because of the long lasting heat and very little shelters to shield us from the sun. Train stations are mostly not airconditioned, making waiting time extremely unbearable after walking under the sun for 15mins to get there.

    The naked men matsuri seem to be mostly for elder men... no strong built inside it seems...(sigh~)

    I'm not too sure about Japanese men in relationships but what I feel is that they would beat round the bush and not get straight to the point. They think its rude or not empathetic to criticize others directly, so they always use expressions that "suggests" their opinions. Of course, this can be very frustrating and time consuming because we were brought up under English education and are more direct in expressing our thoughts. I drew a brief comic strip about my frustration with this kind of culture:

    Thank you for your support, really need it!!! :D
    I had my ups and downs so I'm learning to change some of my steps to make sure that they're either 1)really funny 2)informative or 3)expresses a certain view. Takes quite a bit of time to go through the strip several times to make sure they're good enough for my readers :)

    I try to learn along the way on what appeals to readers through Facebook "like" numbers too :P



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