Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yehliu Geopark and fresh seafood trip (Taiwan holiday)

An acquaintance of mine learned I was coming and offered to drive me up to the northern part of Taiwan to visit a famous geo park and eat fresh seafood there.

Taiwan is heavily influenced by Japanese culture so they also like to design cute mascots for everything.


The interesting coast is formed by the erosion of wind over thousands of years.


This is the highlight of the geological park, the Queen's Head. You have to queue up to take a photo with it. According to my acquaintance, the head used to be bigger and thicker when she saw it when young, like more than 40 years ago...

Next she brought me to eat seafood with her colleague.

They say it's best to pick one that has live seafood on display as there are some restaurants who sell frozen seafood.

YUP, they look very colorful and fresh!

We picked a live squid...

The dishes look simple but with fresh ingredients, it was heaven.

 Even a bowl of simple soup tasted refreshing and great.

Our favorite was the squid and salmon sashimi, not only because it was fresh but also looked appealing.

Prawns were yummy too!

Even the complimentary oranges tasted sweet 😋

207, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Wanli District

 Oh no, it didn't end at seafood and oranges...

We ate yam balls too... oh my god... (yes I put on weight, but totally worth it)

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