Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hot Spring and food trip to Jiaoxi, Yilan city(Taiwan holiday)

It's like a tradition to visit Jiaoxi town, part of Yilan City, which is to the southeast of Taipei, with my friend.

The small town is famous for its hot spring and hot spring fishes. As you can see, they have mascots too!

This is the male version. Cute?

Over there, you can find affordable single or couple hot spring baths.

They are usually semi-outdoor so it's quite comfortable.

Because I did not do a booking and just dropped in, I had to wait for more than 30mins for the whole damn tub to be filled... =_=;; No wonder there were options for 90min...

Nevertheless the amenities was the same as hot spring facilities in Japan, banzai!

The town was nicely decorated to show off their hot spring culture.

You could also dip your feet into the open-air public hot spring spots for free, just bring your own towel.

There were also hot spring fish spa shops for you to dip your feet in.

I did not try it this time, but this photo was taken with my friend a few years ago when we first visited. The water was a bit warm and the fishes would come to bite off your dead skin... as you can see my friend has more than mine XD

The area has lots of local produce.

They are most famous for their large spring onions!

So we went to try their street food, a kind of fried pancake/dumpling with meat and spring onions inside.

The taste was ok though, not fantastic :P

Our favorite was still this free-range chicken meal! Worth coming here every time 😋 The restaurant name is called 甕窯雞 (Weng Yao Ji). The address is: No. 7, Section 7, Jiaoxi Rd, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 262

We also visited Shaun the Sheep cafe. It used to be Harry Potter so you can see they reused some decoration... We found the food nothing special but the bread was nice~

Jiaoxi is around 60min bus ride from Taipei. It's best if you could drive, otherwise it's a bit tiring to walk from one place to another on foot.


  1. Hi, I recommend you, 蘇澳冷泉. There are opposite of Jiaoxi, south side of Yilan city.
    冷泉 means cold SPA. Let's Try next time.

  2. OK. You must try 砂風呂(sand bath)@指宿、山川、別府.
    It is So very Hot!!

  3. Yes. There are in Kyushu. Kagoshima & Oita Pref.

    1. I see! I don't visit these prefectures often, maybe in the future if there's chance!

  4. OK. You can feel other type of Onsen.
    Body is Hot but Face is cool.
    I recommend you, Yamagawa Sand-Spa.

  5. Sorry, I am late. I'm on the sea.
    I don't know it in Tokyo. I have been to Yamagawa Sand-Spa. It is a very close to volcano.
    I think I can't feel the Sand Bath in Tokyo. Due to far from a volcano.



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