Thursday, February 23, 2017

Eslite Bookstore branding in Taiwan (Taiwan holiday)

I cleared up some commission work so I decided to blog about my trip to Taiwan last month before I get busy again. So over the next few days, you will be seeing more updates on my blog :P

When we talk about Taiwanese bookstores, the first that comes to mind is Eslite bookstore. Not only they have many chain stores throughout Taiwan, but also it has branded itself as the cool and hip place to go to for young people.

In Taipei, the biggest Eslite bookstores seems to be Dunnan and Xinyi branches. They even sell wine, so classy~

They even sell food at one level so you can spend the whole day at the bookstore = more potential sales!

They have a gift and novelty section which is a great idea. There are quite a number of my fans who actually bought many copies of my books to give away to their friends or friend's kids. So linking books with other kind of gifts not only creates a one-stop shop for customers to buy gifts, but also strengthening the image of books as gifts.

When you brand yourself as hip and classy, you also sell items that are intricate or handmade. They also have a Made in Taiwan corner to promote local brands and products, perfect for tourists who are looking for souvenirs other than magnets and keychains.

Stationery is no-brainer, notice all the wooden shelving to echo the classy look throughout the bookstore.

They sell craft too.

And finally comfortable seats everywhere for you to sit down and read the books!

I bought lots of webcomic books as reference. They cost only NT220 (around SG$10 or US$7) each and in full-colour! The paper and print quality are fantastic. No wonder the book reading culture in Taiwan is thriving but ours is dead like a desert.

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