Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Evacomics at AFA 2016 (Anime Festival Asia AFASG)

I initially thought that I wasn't going to get a booth but I guess someone withdrew on the last minute so I was able to squeeze in!!!

I was happy to be back again although the booth this time was not as great as my first time in 2014.

I had to deliver 4 boxes of books, 2 big bags of cats and 50+ T-shirts, so I had to hire Gogovan to move all these for me. The driver was very helpful and knew how to get to the 4th floor carpark right behind the convention halls! Saved us lots of trouble without waiting for the lift!

Took a photo with Emmanuel who used to be my coloring assistant and helped me take photos when I had events. He now no longer works for me but volunteers his time to help out :) He also helped me colour most of the travel guide pages at the back of my second book even when I was too broke to pay him (because there's no income when drawing the book, except from Patreon).

 Many cosplayers who were also my fan dropped by to buy my books and say hi :)

AFA is an event where many fans from nearby countries come and check out. Managed to meet Noranna who is working at Brunei now. She also had experience living in Japan and connected well with my stories :P

Very happy to see Aaron again, one of my very loyal fans. He always come to support my booths and bought the "Great Success" print (on the wall) back at AFA 2014.

Valerie, who is my patreon and de facto editor for my second book, came to say hi in her cute uniform (cos I recommended her to help out at the Kodansha booth run by my friend's friend).

I used to teach before I went to Japan, so some students came back to support me! (This is Yun Qian, my student from 2008 batch, sorry I couldn't remember you oTz)

Another student Nurliza! Yes I'm writing down now so I can remember! (too many students and fans name to remember) *sweat*

Suddenly we have guests!!!

7 artists were sharing a booth next to me. One of them was my junior from poly and another is a young lady called Kiba. Although she is a student, she runs her own studio making custom fursuits and I must say the workmanship is professional!!! You can check out her fursuits here.

So while I was busy autographing a book for a customer, they were busy playing photoshoot with Matcha... #cuteornot

Finally both books were sold out later in the afternoon on 3rd day, clocking in 82 book1 and 148 book2, a grand total of 230 books! My hunch is that I could probably sell 10-15 more ;)

I was so tired after packing that I did not take a final photo... but
Thank you so much to all who came down to support me!!! (≧▽≦) Hope you enjoyed reading my books and like my illustrations. Hope to see you again next year! (If I can get a booth again, haha)

My next event will be at EOY Cosplay Festival @ Marina Barrage on 10-11th Dec and it will be my last event for the year in Singapore! I will be selling limited number of cat cushions (last time before sending them all off to retail stores) and postcards :)

I will be also sharing my creative process in comics and designing the products at Comic Fiesta, Kuala Lumpur on 18th Dec! Hope I can meet my Malaysian fans who missed my book signing a few months ago!

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