Monday, November 21, 2016

Comics: Behind the scenes part 2

So actually when I first made them, there were 100 pcs only and it was easy to clear. I also found them adorable. But when the second batch of 500pcs came I went crazy and didn't want to see them anymore... It was a storage and logistics nightmare. I had to collect them from my fan's office, then consolidate with the books from another place before transporting them over to the retail shop warehouse. Each trip had to be well-coordinated to save on the uber/grabtaxi ride and reduce the number of cats I had to keep in my room (my sister/owner doesn't like me put anything outside of my room). The cats were stored in those dubious looking rucksacks that makes the drivers suspicious if I was transporting a dead body or something heavy and illegal...

Finally after more than a year... they are getting sold out on my side and left with stock at the retail stores :))))
One of the frustration was when I had plenty of stock, I had to beg people to buy... but once I was left with a few or sold out, many people would come and wonder if they could buy it... ... This happens every single time when I have booth...  (=___________=);;

It has been tough doing books but whenever I see people excited or happy reading them I feel satisfied. Unfortunately bookstores big and small had not been supportive due to priorities given to their own in-house exclusive comic books. So although I have many fans telling me they liked the second book better, the sales return had not been great to pay off for the 7-8 months of hard work.

The  traditional sales route is hindered by bookstore politics and I can't be buying back hundreds of books for each new release and trolleying them around to sell... Both my mind and body will be drained and this not only affects my health, but also my creative work. Therefore the 3rd book will be done differently to minimise the financial risk. Yes, I'm planning it to be done via crowd-funding and will start working on the book early next year, hope everyone will support!


  1. Next time you can use the "Selling out soon" trick. lol

    1. LOL, I need enough space to hide all my stock under the table! XD



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