Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Makers' Block Festival 2016 at The Centrepoint (11-16th Oct)

Remember the Makers' Block when my first book was released? Well it's back again at The Centrepoint shopping mall located at Orchard!

This year's event is held at the atrium, admission is FREE!

Don't forget to take photos with this huge #MakerBear, which is designed for kids to enter and adults to be eaten...

Inside of the bear's head are shiny projections, which gives a very calm and dreamy effect (maybe good spot to sleep during weekday lunch break too, lol)

I met Bart, the creator of these awesome cardboard sculptures and took a photo together. Actually I feel like pasting my stickers and drawing on his work, maybe I'd ask him next time, haha.

Of course The Makers' Festival is about "making things" :)

Such as doodling with this 3D pen, which liquid resin solidifies almost immediately after leaving the nib. If you can't draw in 3D, you can still follow printed templates to make your own stuff!

There are also 3D printers that are affordable for home use (I think).

 There's a drone racing track but I'm crap with drones so I'll leave it to the guys...

Really cool accessories~

There are games for kids to try.

This is actually a 3D sculpting virtual reality, looks fun! I had to go upstairs to take this photo. What you see on the monitor is what she's seeing.

My Tote Bag Making Experience
I spent around 20mins to draw and touch up this artwork because the vendor said that my lines were too thin. Then it was scanned like this on the spot, no need for flatbed, wow!

The scanned image was later transferred to the computer and he did more touch-ups to make the line look more "solid".

The image data was later vectorised and sent to the printer for cutting.

You get to choose different colour films and I chose magenta, of course. Here he laid the film onto a thin cutting mat.

The printer then cuts the design onto the film, so COOL!

Ok the cool part is over, now comes the excruciating part of peeling the film that you don't want to be printed. As you can see, I have quite a lot of peeling work to do =_=

I finally finished it after ONE HOUR! Oh man, that was long... all worth it for my ATAS CUTE tote bag!

You get to position the artwork where you want on your bag.

And you press down the bar for the heat transfer. (PS. I didn't have enough force so Leon, the vendor, did it for me and we swapped places for the photo. The girls next door laughed...)

Then tada~ done! This activity will cost you $15, but I think it was very fun and you can walk away with your very own design!

About my booth (FRI-SUN):
I will be having a booth from Friday (14th) to Sunday (16th), 11am-7+pm daily! I'd be giving a brief talk and demo on Friday 7.30pn so I'd be around till 8+pm on that day! Meanwhile here's a preview of new products I will have along with my books:

 2 new bookmarks (right most) for your collection!

Sticker Sheets!

You can add $7 to your book purchase for this gift set consisting of a set of stickers, a postcard and a choice of bookmark! If you already bought my book, please bring it down as verification of purchase so you can just top up $7 for this.

And finally... new T-shirt collection for 2016-17! Not sure if you noticed but I was wearing design F which is my Matcha cat as an adorable sushi! Each design only comes in 10-30pcs at the moment in various sizes (XS~XXXL). Reprint will only happen if there is a sell-out and I will take pre-orders at that point :)

If you bought my LINE stickers, you can also show it to me to get $2 off the respective Tshirt design! Patreons of Evacomics can enjoy 10% any Tshirt but promotions cannot be combined^^;;

For more updates, please follow my FB event page or Instagram!
For a complete list of workshops and makers, please visit Centrepoint's page:

SEE YOU!!!\(≧▽≦)丿

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