Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Booth at Makers' Block Festival (14-16 Oct 2016)

I was happy to return to the Makers' Block Festival again with other fellow makers after 2 years :)

If you're on my Instagram, you would see how I packed all my display stands, plastic bags and other stuff into my beloved trolley luggage. Every time I have a booth, I'm worried about the turn-out and pray my fans would come, otherwise I'd have lots of things to trolley back home (and I have no car)...

And of course a huge bag of cats... Luckily Simplifi3D is helping with the books so I don't have to break my back to carry them all to the venue.

Yuko (mum) and Nami (daughter) was at The Centrepoint when they spotted my book. They were so engrossed in it that they returned on the second day with the older son to get a Matcha cat cushion and more books to give away! Nami also folded a crane for me to express her love for my comics. I'm very happy that they loved my books :D

I also inspired another child to make her Matcha artwork!!!

Steffi, who was also my Patreon, was very nice to come down to help me out at my booth on Saturday! I was going nuts trying to pull in customers and autographing. I also needed someone to help me take photos ^^;;

Another patreon? also came down! I was amazed to learn that she first knew me through buying my book from! I have just approved the proof of the second book so it will be available on Amazon very soon.

 Jessica, another illustrator came down to support too!

 She even gave me a hand-drawn postcard! I am displaying it on my shelf :D

...and I recognised this fan who came during AFA 2014 to buy my print!!! Sorry I cannot remember your name, please let me know so I can write here to remember ^^;;

I was worried that I had to take back home a big bag of cats again, but luckily Douglas, who teaches game development, supported me by buying 4 cats (to give away as housewarming presents)!!! He understands that to support an artist means to support him/her financiall$y too :)))

And finally on the last hour before closing, Saad from Tusitala came to adopt the last cat for his girlfriend, WHEE~~~

The sales was great in the end! Many thanks to all fans who came down and special thanks to my 2 great friends (not in photo) for their hard work to pull in anybody who passed by my booth. Also thanks to Emmanuel, who helped to tend the cash, packing books in plastic bags and do photo-taking :))) I couldn't have sold so much without the kind help from you guys and gals! Last but not least, special thanks to the kind folks at Simplifi3D who always help me with the transport of those heavy books :D

I went back home with a sore body and throat and was dead tired for a few days. But I was delighted to meet and talk to my fans, many who had been following me for a few years already.

In case you're interested in the T-shirts that I was selling, the remaining designs and sizes are up on my website now→ ←Please $upport!!!  Thank you!!!

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