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Which Wacom Cintiq should you get

wacom cintiq 13hd 22hd 24hd 20wsx review comparison
Saved some money and ready to get your first Cintiq but don't know which model to get? Then my experience might help you.

Cintiq 22HD

wacom cintiq 13hd 22hd 24hd 20wsx review comparison
I bought my first Cintiq in 2008, which was a Cintiq 20WSX, similar to 22HD that you can buy now. The capability to rotate the screen as you draw was very good but the only problem was that the colours were not accurate. I had to rely on the macbook pro screen all the time to adjust the colours. Because it was kind of bulky, I sold it off and bought the 13HD while I was in Japan in 2013.

  • Can rotate like a turn table
  • Occupies less desk space than 24HD
  • Not very accurate colours
  • You can adjust the tilt and height but not as flexible as 24HD


wacom cintiq 13hd 22hd 24hd 20wsx review comparison
13HD was fantastic. It occupies less desk space and the colours were slightly closer to my macbook display. Although smaller, the screen had good resolution and good enough for Manga Studio EX (program that I use to draw comics). It was also very portable so I could bring it with me to libraries and give demonstrations. I was also very happy with it until I gradually suffered from stiff shoulders and neck. It's not exactly a great tablet to work with if you draw for long hours everyday.

  • Portable
  • Occupies little desk space
  • Neck strain if you work for long hours everyday ← The reason for my upgrade.


wacom cintiq 13hd 22hd 24hd 20wsx review comparison
I was wondering if I should get 22HD or 24HD but settled on a 24HD in 2014 because I had enough desk space and the adjustable height and tilt seemed like a solution to my neck strain problem. Also the more accurate colours were a major plus. But having used it for nearly a year, I have to say... my neck strain still persisted (improved through yoga instead)... but better than working on a 13HD. So maybe I should have gotten a 22HD instead and I can rotate the screen while drawing. The bigger screen was both a pro and con. Some people love it, but I personally think it's too big for my use...

  • Ergonomic design to adjust height and tilt to suit your preferred working angle
  • More accurate colours
  • Extremely heavy (nearly 30kg!), unable to move without 2 people
  • Occupies enormous desk space
  • Cannot rotate the tablet like 22HD (can be compensated by rotating canvas within program)

To touch or not to touch?

IMHO, I would say no touch is better because of the additional cost. But if you have a child and want him/her to try drawing on your expensive Cintiq, you can consider getting a touch.

Other accessories to buy:

wacom cintiq smudgeguard
If you have sweaty palms like me, I highly recommend getting smudgeguard. This one has been with me for 7 years and still going strong! (of course I take good care of my stuff, so maybe that's why it can last so long).

In Conclusion

I think I should have gotten the 22HD since I do not need such a gigantic screen and can continue to adjust colours with my macbook pro. I only recommend getting 24HD if you want the screen to go beyond the table edge or adjust the tablet to maximum height and draw while standing, though it would be very uncomfortable if you are tall. If you use programs with a lot of windows, then a bigger screen would be better as well so you have more canvas space.

I hope my experience helped you to make your decision! Share with me your thoughts below! :)


  1. Thinking of getting one wacom so this info may help. Thanks Eva! :D

  2. If you are a bit tight on the budget, you can consider a Huion



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