Saturday, August 15, 2015

Evacomics to Jakarta for the first time

 And the first people I met was Wackymons and folks from Elex Media!

I don't know how we ended up with Chinese food, but I woke up early in the morning to catch my flight and had little appetite.

Oh my god, their chilli is DEADLY.... One tiny drop and you know it's potent!

Never order vegetables from Chinese restaurant... they drown tiny vegetables in starchy sauce...

Dinner after our booth setup was at a mall foodcourt with delicious baso, which is their beef meatballs. It was really good and fresh! We also ordered this packet tea "teh botol" to drink, which seemed to be their local popular drink. It was sweet and fragrant.

KFC's batter was also flavourful. Now Singapore's KFC pales in comparison...

Went to Gramedia Grand with help from Rinnie (see previous post) and found my books in the... kids section... but at least it was PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED unlike a few inches from the floor in Singapore and Malaysia =_=
Working with a major publisher who owns their own bookstores is awesome :)

We stayed at Harris Suites fx Sudirman. It was recommended by Faza, the artist behind Si Juki, the most popular Indonesian comic. It is located right inside a mall with a supermarket at the basement!!! Me and Wackymons were thrilled at this point.

We were on the 46th floor, awesome night view. All these for only $85/night 2 pax!!!

Sate Senayan restaurant inside the mall served wonderful satay and food. Their mutton satay was tender and flavourful, unlike the dry hard ones you find in Singapore. Maybe because the meat in Indonesia is fresh and not frozen?

The kaya toast breakfast set at Kopitiam QQ first floor was also the best I ever had. Yes Killiney at Changi Airport, you fail big time. The eggs here are served inside a cup, so much easier to eat than in a shallow bowl.

Our final dinner with everyone from Singapore was at Remboelan, located at Plasa Senayan. This restaurant is always full-house and we had to wait for around 30mins before getting a seat. It is highly recommended by my publisher :)

This was only half a table filled with delicious food. The total bill came to around SG$120, OMG, very cheap for a King's feast!!! (Actually I don't know the name of the dishes, all I could remember was that they were very flavourful and the chilli was very hot...)

With much sadness, I had to depart back to Singapore because lots of work awaits me... ...
But I am sure I will be back again!

Please check out my previous posts if you haven't:
This concludes my blog about my first trip to Popcon Asia.
Thank you everyone!!! :D


  1. i hope you enjoy jakarta eva! and yes, our chili is very deadly :D

    1. Yes I like Jakarta! Will be back again next year :D



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