Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Support my comics at Patreon now!

The problem:
I believe many of you had read my article about the problems faced in self-publishing in Singapore. It is very time-consuming to market and sell your books and the little profits is insufficient to sustain a living in this country. So I had been doing freelancing but this means less time to update comics for my readers as well as to start book 2, which will be all new content!

What is Patreon?
In case, you are wondering if Patreon is a reliable and a legitimate company, they already received over 17 million in funding from investors. Many well-known youtubers and some webcomic artists like Zach Weiner are also already on that platform.

Benefits of supporting me on Patreon
In order to work on book 2 and more comics, I will be cutting down my replies across all of my social media channels like FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Youtube. However as a patron of my webcomics, you will get my utmost attention and tentative replies! Depending on the amount pledged, you will also be able to see some work in progress, input your opinions and ideas, and even get yourself drawn in one of my comics! Hit certain milestone goals and I will even do Manga tutorials!

My thoughts
To tell you the truth, I am pretty nervous on how my crowdfunding will go because most of my fans are from Southeast Asian countries with either no credit cards or are not used to the idea of supporting the artist without receiving something tangible (or practical) in return. But Facebook has not been rewarding content creators with money and ridiculously want us to pay them instead to reach to more people!!! They had been eliminating a great number of my page likes (700 in a day) claiming they are either inactive or fake and restricting organic reach so we have to pay them to get the likes back (in which they will delete again). Unfortunately, most of us are still on Facebook so we cannot abandon this key channel yet. Google on the other hand is very different. They reward good content by allowing creators to place ads so we can earn at least affiliate or advertising revenue. But I don't make a lot of videos and update my blog often so income from this channel is still very small. We cannot survive on air alone so it is necessary to explore if this new channel will work and is sustainable. So yes, PLEASE SUPPORT!!! Even a small contribution can make a difference! https://www.patreon.com/evacomics

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