Monday, March 30, 2015

Alcohol ban in Singapore

Alcohol ban in Singapore
So my Japanese friend came to Singapore after the ban was announced and he was complaining from day to night about how bad it is and Singapore not being as attractive anymore. Lucky for him, he drinks in bars and restaurant so I told him it shouldn't affect that much. Hope he comes again... because he always bring Matcha snacks for me... *PRAYS* :P

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Thank you!


  1. He-he, good one.

    I'd notice that there is no character with 'Eva' - like hairstyle. That character usually presents when russian bear is involved :lol:

    ewww ...

    1. Hahaha, no Eva this time because she doesn't drink beer XD

  2. Luckily, your friend didn't head down to Australia / Canada. Some parts of their territory start ban from 6pm to the next day



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