Sunday, March 8, 2015

Charity Yoga event at Yoga Inc.

Evacomics Charity Yoga event at Yoga Inc.
Thank you very much to my fans and regulars of Yoga Inc. for supporting this  meaningful event, where half of the proceeds was donated to the Singapore Cancer Society and the other half to Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation!

We had fun doing photo shoots after the workout and wow, so many girls can do splits... but I can only do...  DUCK POSE.

duck pose yoga
...and so can everyone else!!!

duck pose yoga
Oops, sorry should have the heads looking forward...

duck pose vs crow pose yoga
Duck vs Crow pose

...and as seen on our banner!

Each participant went home with a goodie bag sponsored by Yoga Inc.!

There were a total of 17 participants (including me and lady boss), of which 4 donated but no show.
Total 21x$30=$630 raised.
Each charity gets $315

Screenshot of donation made:

On behalf of the beneficiaries:

You can continue giving by donating directly to the charity organisation of your choice here:
And if you are looking for something to decorate your wall, I still have a few more paintings on charity sale at Sun Ray Cafe. Same like the yoga event, 100% of proceed will go to charity.

Wishing everyone a great health and continue to see some of you at Yoga Inc.! ;D


  1. Eva-san, good work, congradulations!

    You all looks so young ... I am in deep envy :lol:

    ewww ...



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