Saturday, March 8, 2014

Visit to a Tofu house

Continuing my previous post about my visit to a shrine for marriage on 6th Sep 2013, the last part of our day tour was this Tofu House at Ibaraki prefecture called Sashirosan no Tofuya (佐白山のとうふ屋).

They say that the forest nearby is the home for Totoro↑… Well ok...

Free sampling of their products!

Looking nice and healthy.

Other snacks made from tofu.

Gasp, so much gone after I went to the ladies...

Yummy tofu made from natural water harvested from their well water that is filled with minerals (I hope no radiation…)

These are called yuba in Japanese, meaning tofu skin. They taste really really good :)

I also bought this thing called Okara, which is soy pulp. It was sold for 10yen a pack and was frozen so it could act like an ice pack for our Tofu. Very clever isn't it? I had never cooked okara before so my friend looked up some recipes for me.

I tried to cook it a few days later but the taste was… hmm meh (acceptable)... I should try to put more seasoning next time.


  1. Okara's pretty bland on it's own. JustHungry has a pretty nice writeup on what to do with it though!

  2. He-he, Eva-san cooking okara :))) I wish I'd try some. Hey, don't You know, god gave us cooking, and satan gave us seasonings. Please, be moderate with those :P

    I could imagine how tired You was after that day: three trips, all day on the legs. But, I bet it worth to. And that report was very good too.

    Keep going,

    1. Haha… I didn't know I was playing with God and Satan at the same time XD

      It was really tiring and I became very very ill after that :P
      (I'm ill again now so I'm going to see a doctor later)

      Thanks ewww!

    2. Eva-san, I am so sorry to hear about Your illness. I hope You will feel better soon.


    3. Thanks Ewww! I was very sleepy today meeting a client (who turned out just want to partner me to do a free workshop) and a lawyer (who gave some good advices). Tomorrow have to meet another SME advisor and go to my aunt's tuition centre to see if it's possible to teach comic drawing to kids during school holidays in June.

    4. がんばって!I hope that You will find right client soon.

      BUT ...

      Eva-san, are You feeling better? Last time You wrote that You are going to the doctor, and ... such activity. I believe, You better to stay home and drink more water with electrolytes.

      Hope You are recovered from last illness.

      Have a great day,

    5. Thanks ewww, I finally have a good sleep today without any appointments to meet people (been meeting people everyday for past 2 weeks and very tired). But of course, I gotta rush work for those clients that paid me already...

      I tried to interact with the kids yesterday and have difficulty… so I told my aunt I can't teach them but asked 2 of my artist friends to takeover instead.

      You have a great day too! :)

    6. He-he, You had difficulty working with kids :lol:
      The same here. You don't even know how I hate kids in large amounts. You should have iron nerves to work with them.

      I am very happy that You are feeling better, and had time for rest.
      I am glad that life is keeping You busy, that is for good.

      Have a great weekend,

    7. LOL I have no patience… and I'd be too soft-hearted and too good to them.
      Another story when I teach diploma teens though :P

      Thank you ewww, you have a good one too!!!

    8. Ha-ha ... tell us story about these teens!

      I bet, the teaching process finished up with beating these guys and locking them in dark empty closet without food till the end of week. Am I right?


    9. Wow ewww, you should be writing movie scripts instead of programming scripts~ XD

    10. He-he, I just repeated joke from one PE instructor.

      So, in Your story kids were unharmed ... that means You've got all pressure :lol:


    11. Well unharmed physically but my nagging remains with them for life? :P

    12. Ha-ha, those bastards will forget about You immediately with all Your nagging, and. prolly, they even aren't able to recall very talented obaasan :lol:
      The only person who could get a harm here was You only :P for life ...


    13. Hahaha…. my ex-student remembered my nagging though XD
      But he didn't expect me to draw comics now XD



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