Monday, March 10, 2014

A Japanese tradition to do when you come back from holidays

You have to do this if you work or study in Japan. Don't forget those omiyage (souvenirs)!!!


  1. Ha-ha, office trolls. But, it is a true, Japan is country where people like to give and receive gifts. I received many, but mostly soba :lol: He-he, living alone, and do not like cooking, especially soba. I left that soba in Japan, but as a surprise I discovered one of those soba packs at my home recently. Nice looking pack, may be slightly petrified.

    Looks like Kelvin is a little けちguy. I bet, he should smile when giving a gift.

    Good one :)

    ewww ...

    1. Oh my… you mean you kept the soba for so long!? When did you stayed in Japan?

      Hehe, Kelvin is more generous than Joanne actually. He treated Eva a few times :P

  2. Really, I did never stay in Japan for long time. I visited it 3 times and my longest stay here was less than 2 weeks, and mostly in winter time :lol:

    Being here, I received several gifts, like: red handkerchief, tote bag with a logo of Russian language school, hand cream, lighter ( very fancy ) and several packs of soba.

    He-he, that petrified soba I forgot it in a bag, which I used to travel Japan three years ago, when I did came to Nagano. This is a bag for snowboard, and I do not use it often :lol:
    BTW, I enjoyed to find that soba, and even tried to courage my coworkers to eat them.


    1. LOL so that soba was 3 years old XD

      I hope there's no insects crawling around! Are you still keeping it?

    2. Yeah, there were no any insects, I believe, because it is so messy and dirty at my place, that all insects are dying immediately.

      BTW, I dumped these very valuable soba, I did not have a courage to eat them, sorry for that.

    3. LOL, I thought you would have some incredible courage since you challenged your co-workers too XD

      Haha, I'm sure the insects are celebrating somewhere below your mess XD

  3. Working in Singapore. And it is the same. This also inculdes business trips local and overseas. @--@

    1. Well it's the same, but Japanese is more extreme :P
      Yes I'd worked in Singapore for 5 years and do buy souvenirs when I go overseas (except to Malaysia)



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