Monday, March 24, 2014

Proof-of-purchase tape in Japan

Proof-of-purchase tape in Japan
I became so accustomed to those tapes that I felt awkward when I wasn't given one in Singapore... Do people really need those tapes since we already have receipts? People seem to throw them away at the counters in Japan but if they are forced to keep it, there would be less trash like these tapes. What do you think?

More about these tapes:


  1. Ha-ha, it is quite common in our area when somebody in grocery store start eating and drinking merchandize right in the registry line, and customer is arriving to checkout point with empty bottle and paper wrap of product, cashier will take money for these products. Nobody will blame customer about eating before paying. However, going little far to west, You can be arrested for such behavior even in the grocery store of the same chain. And I know couple of department stores in our area, who are selling mostly electornics, they will put tape on Your merchandize or bag immediately after checkout. So, it is a matter of trust.

    I am not sure why in Japan they are using that tape, there could be two reasons: there are too many shoplifters, or they are trying to comfort their customers.

    However, I think that Eva is suffering due lack of attention to her person. She want people to be extra nice with her :lol; Such a childish behavioral pattern :P

    From another side, once I went to kinokinkuya in Tokyo and bought here some books. Cashier put them to such a nice plastic bag, which I thought to reuse. But cashier put here that sticky tape too, so it wasn't it was impossible to remove it without damaging the bag. Dameda!

    Hope You are doing well, Eva-san


    1. LOL, yes I'm expecting people to be nice to me :P

      Some people argued with me that Singapore shops do paste sticker… but I was referring to small items like even packets of biscuits or sweets.




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