Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Now you can buy direct from the artist!

For prints such as calendars and postcards. Prices are in USD.
Ships from Singapore, directly from me :)

If you live in Singapore, you can also pay via local bank transfer to POSB savings 042-26859-3 or Citibank checking 0803296006.
  • A4 Calendar =SG$10
  • Postcard (one pc)=SG$4
  • Postcard set (3 pcs)=SG$10
  • Calendar+postcard set= SG$18
Delivery is SG$2.80 for the calendar, including the plastic hard sleeve for protection.
Postage for postcards is SG$0.80.

To order, please send me an email at:

*Please indicate if you would like to have it autographed (front or back) or not.

For merchandise such as mugs, shirts and printed canvases. Ships from US through a fulfilment service company (like an agent). Items are only produced after you place an order so shipping takes a longer time. You should receive the products within 3 weeks if you live outside of US, but longer depending on your country's customs.
Thank you for your support!(≧▽≦)


  1. That's great!
    You're really working hard on it.
    I wish you good luck! ^___^

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Sales is moving extremely slow though, hope it will pick up!

  2. Hisashiburine, Eva san!

    He-he, just ordered calendar directly from S-pore, please, make authograph ....

    Glad to hear that You are doing well :)


    1. Hisashiburi!!!! (≧▽≦)

      Oh dear, you didn't say that in the notes so I just wrote you a letter instead, hope you like it too!

    2. I like Your letter very much. Thanks!
      You are too kind :)

      ewww ...

    3. I'm sorry to make you order again, hope you like it! :D

    4. Please, don't be sorry :P
      I am sure, I will like it.




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