Monday, December 16, 2013

My first mini stall at EOY

This was my first time putting up my own artwork for sale!

I was excited but my first thought was "DAMN HOT!" I didn't know that Marina Barrage is a completely open space… ...

 I admire this guy for putting up with the heat!

…and this furry mascot...

Business was very slow moving from 10-1pm. Fans and friends commented on my Facebook page that they couldn't find me… Probably because of this Pokemon booth queue blocking me and Daiyaku's booth… I was amazed that people still play Pokemon now :-/ The crowd for EOY was mainly elementary to high school kids, and of course, otakus and cosplayers.

The organisers finally relocated Pokemon registration counter to another space so I got to take over their table and more wind could blow to our area XD

My online artist friend whom I had known for over 13 years came down to support as well. He is a hardcore Jojo fan :P

 Big open space =…. HOT!


So I finally wrapped up at 6pm, tired but remembered to visit Tomodachi booth because one of their artists was actually my first customer for the day! He even gave me their 2014 calendar, so cute!

Snares, an artist from "A Good Citizen" also gave me his super kawaii Merlion and Tiger sushi postcard! Andy from Ink Fusion Studio also gave me his creative Singapore transportation+transformer postcard set and flyer. My nephew who loves cars, buses and mrt was delighted when he saw the cards ;)
Finally, I would like to thank my fans and friends for braving the heat to come down to specially support me and purchase my artwork! I am very thankful and had a great time talking to everyone! You all gave me energy not to give up Evacomics and find a way to make it even better and more popular. Also special thanks to Clifford who just came back to Singapore and bought 4 postcard sets and 2 calendars from me (you are my biggest customer XD). Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without Daiyuku's artists', Jamie and Ophelia, generosity in letting me share their booth ^^

For everyone else who missed it, I will be selling online after I finish coding the shopping cart. Please stay tune on my Facebook Page, blog and Google+ for the announcement and link. Thank you very much and have a good rest! :D


  1. Congratz! Wish I was there... I'll be looking out for the update.

  2. Congratulation Eva!! Love that postcard! :)

    1. Thanks Fourfirever, hope online sales will move too!

  3. Wo-hoo!!!

    I am so glad that You did that. Sorry, I was not able to visit You at the table, may be next time ... and yes!!! I spotted You 3 times :LOL:

    You are working hard, wishing You all best!

    You should send me these free candies then :P


    1. Maybe I will go to US comic con instead!? Well maybe~

      I finished giving away those candies but don't worry I am planning to go to Japan again next year to stock up :P

  4. Yeah, You should come to US comic con then. I will visit Your booth definitely.

    When are You planning to go to Japan?

    Awww ... no candies.

    ewww ...

    1. I'm thinking of either april or may when it's not that cold anymore.
      I'm afraid of the cold, so late Nov~March is too cold for me and I fall sick easily ^^



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