Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CoFesta Day 2: NHK Studio Park visit at Shibuya and live performance by Joe Inoue

Back to Cofesta report, we were at the NHK Studio Park on 23rd Oct morning with an exclusive tour of the studio and some presentations :)

Domo-kun greeted us after we enter the gallery but we didn't stay too long there because of other programs arranged for us.

We received a special pass to enter their actual live set with the green screen for weather forecast!

I guess there's another new job that I can go for, a newscaster! :P

There was a mirror along the corridor as we enter and exit, very handy for some last minute adjustment!

We were escorted to their meeting room for some serious business and was introduced to our special guest, Joe Inoue, a musician and singer. He gave us a live performance with his guitar and he was very good! The first song he sang was an opening theme song from anime series "Naruto", called "Closer".

He was so good that we asked for an encore:
We enjoyed his performance a lot because of his great voice and guitar. He's on Facebook too :)

 Joe Inoue 井上ジョー
Group photo with the star~

Joe's time was up so we continued with other presentations. This one was by Kawaii International, a channel that is all about Cuteness in Japan. They are doing something about scary cuteness as a theme for Halloween. You can find out more here:

They gave us these cute handphone straps :)

Next, they told us about their new programme that is gathering people's video clip of themselves singing a Japanese song. You can submit yours here:

Finally, you can watch all their programmes for FREE on their website (with Japanese lessons too)!!! , or download their app "NHK WORLD TV" into your smart devices.

And of course, their Facebook page:

That's it from NHK. Thank you very much for the tour and hospitality! :D
Next up would be the music festival! Or you can read about my CoFesta Day 1 report here.


  1. Woo-hoo!!! I spotted You three times :lol:

    I think that I should record Japanese song and send it to NHK. Think it will be"Like a rolling stone" by Cornelius.

    Yeah, I think that You will be great weather reporter :)

    I am little surprised, looks like they did not feed You that time. How that could be?
    He-he, nice report.

    ewww ...

    1. LOL you're sharp! Well we were given sandwiches as lunch.
      It wasn't very Japanese so I didn't include in the photo.
      Wow it's turning out to be a "Where's Eva" challenge XD

  2. Great tour, great report and great pictures! I might even try signig a bit of a Song I have always liked..

    1. WOW let me know if you submit yours! I want to listen too!
      (And ewww seems to be interested too XD)

  3. 看到好幾個正妹

  4. That' so cool! I love NHK. Looks like it was a good time. You get to have all the fun ;^)
    I was considering doing a song: Taiyou by Drop's. I have all month to learn how to sing in Japanese.
    Here's to good times!

    1. It was fun :)
      But of course, we wished for more free time so we can meet up with friends and do some shopping, you know, boosts Japanese economy even better XD

      I'm surprised to see so many readers interested to take part in the singing contest!
      You must give me the link to your entry after you submit it!



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