Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CoFesta Ambassador Day 1

The first event we attended was International Drama Festival in Tokyo, held at Tokyo Prince Hotel.

We attended the award ceremony so there were lots of speech by organisers and award recipients. It was free-standing, no seats, so we stood for 2 hours. But you could munch on the food while they give away the awards. We were mentioned briefly to help Japan export their content out to more global audiences.

There was a photo session at the end and the actors and actresses turned their heads in 3 directions so everyone could get a good shot at them! The lady at the middle was said to be a very popular actress, Rena Nounen, who starred at the drama series "Ama-chan". The drama was awarded The Grand Prix.

Next, we took a cab to TIFFCOM, markeplace for Film & TV in Asia at Grand Pacific Hotel Le Daiba. We were given a tour by the head of these two events, a lady who was said to be Japan's top 100 career woman (I think).

This convention was more for B2B (business to business) so booth decorations were not as elaborate as those for consumers. But nevertheless, it's Japan, can't forget the mascots!

 We stopped at this booth for sometime...

 ...and here's why, free snacks!

 ...and sake from Kyushu and Okinawa too... what more can you ask for?

 These are actually curry!!!

There was also a Fukushima booth to help boost their economy again. (Lady on left was our busy host)

 Free gift~ Their mascot is a doll that never falls down (with deep meaning).

We stopped by at Japacon, which is a website that allows you to search for Japanese content like drama and music. Comes with ranking chart too.

Famous people?

Something new by Gainax (studio who did Evangelion)... called "Negiman", literally means spring onion man -_-;;;

We were given these masks to wear if we want too...hmmm....
After this, we split into two groups. Cosplayers had to go back to the hotel to dress up for the reception tonight so I followed back to rest. The others stayed to see anime booths and walk around there.

My cosplayer ambassadors from Malaysia, France and Singapore! (info at the end of post)

Opening reception venue~


Too bad Astro Boy can't drink... He was there because he represents Japan overseas.
We were not allowed to post videos and photos of performances... so ... I can only post photos that I took off stage...

This group is called AOP, meaning Anime Ouen(support) Project.

 They quietly observed SKE48's performance on the floor, I think to learn :)

 All Cosfesta Ambassadors (called"influencers") and student ambassadors.

The pretty girls with me (from top):


  1. He-he, nice report :) And I spotted You on two pictures :P

    What was Your mission behind sake and snacks? Did You accomplished it?

    Please post more :)

    ewww ...

    1. Well... we were supposed to taste the goodness of Japanese snacks and sake and promote it :P

      Sake was nice :P

      Will post more when I return! Meanwhile you can see a few photos at my Facebook~

    2. He-he, what's a noble mission, it could take a TIME to accomplish it.

      Yep, I should visit You FB then.

      Please, have a fun!


    3. Yes, but I think people accept food more readily than pop culture.
      FB updates are faster and more regular, but not as detailed :)

  2. I spotted you too :D



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