Monday, April 29, 2013

Golden Week in Japan 2013

How to spend long holidays

Golden Week is when four Japanese festivals and weekends form a continuous long national holiday. This year is divided into the first half (27~29/4) and second half (3~6/5), so a lot of Japanese chose domestic travel over overseas travel. For me, I'd stayed at home to recuperate from my cough that had persisted for five days. Sadly, I have a tendency to fall sick whenever Japan has a long holiday season, like new year, when all clinics are closed... so iSleep.




  1. Yeah, that comics is very true, I can confess that ...

    Did not expect that Kopi will be such selfish dog, it is uncommon behavioral pattern for dogs.

    Poor Kray, hope You will feel beeter soon. Wish You recover fast and enjoy the rest of golden week.

    Yeah, I do remeber バプロニs. They sell it freely in Japan, and half of it's ingredients is prescription only or prohibited in most countries, even in russia. :lol:


    1. Thanks ewww, I'm feeling already better ^^

      Well those smart phones and tablets can change anybody~

  2. Well that is just bad luck...but being lazy at home is always good type of rest.... isloth, my fav. mode



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