Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lucas Singapore closing sooner than expected

Some of us already knew it wasn't a good move for our government to "invest" so much money for Lucas to setup in Singapore. What they setup here is just another factory that can be easily relocated or closed down, like what is happening now.

Although, many argued that it was a good experience to let Singaporean talents be exposed to world-class studio and work ethics, but I believe that Lucas would eventually close down its Singapore operations sooner or later, and relocate to a more attractive city like Hong Kong or Seoul once incentives for them runs out. Unfortunately, I didn't expect that they would be bought by Disney and their game division to be shut down completely.

The major flaw of this "investment" is that there is no original title developed in Singapore nor by Singaporeans. The IP, which is the most valuable, eventually do not belong to us. IP generation is not easy but I believe it can be developed from small ideas, or seed projects that does not require big money. For example, children's picture books, novels, storybooks, short films, animated short films, social games and of course comics, can all be seed projects and given by government grants to passionate individuals or small teams. Get the big fruit without growing these seeds and you will get Lucas, no plants to grow new fruits.

But at least LucasFilm Singapore's feature animation and visual effects productions survives (for now):

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