Saturday, April 6, 2013

Interesting Pollen allergy products in Japan

Pollen Allergy products in Japan
My nose and eyes were becoming allergic to pollen at the beginning of March, so I did what a normal Japanese would, go shop for some innovative Japanese products that deals with the problem. For example, the facial spray above claimed that its substance will magically trap pollen around you. At 1680yen, I would rather not risk having any breakouts.

Pollen Allergy nose filter
Next, I saw these fancy tiny nose filters that you in your nostrils to filter pollen. Why did they come out with such uncomfortable stuff?

lf it weren't uncomfortable enough, you could get these nose pits that look like mini fans to stick inside your nostrils... -_-;;

Pollen Allergy nose block cream
If you don't like to stick a filter into your nostril, you can always apply cream inside to trap the pollen. Hmm... and you must remember to remove your pollen-filled cream, or mucus afterwards.

Fortunately, based on a few Facebook reader's feedback, this cream works! The way it traps pollen is the same as the previous cream, except this time you apply it to the outer rim of your nostrils.

Pollen Allergy googles
They even have googles to prevent eye allergy! Perfect for me... if I don't mind the stares.

Air Mask Quick Shield
Next I saw this "Air Mask Quick Shield"that claimed to be the latest technology to solve pollen allergy! The pouch contains a chemical substance that will interact with the humidity in the air to remove pollen! The product must be effective to be sold in the market right? So gullible me bought it at around 1280yen, thinking that it would work. Unfortunately, it proved to be a disappointment and I had to throw it away after literally "hanging around" my neck for a week.

Japanese face mask
With all solutions too risky to try one by one, I went back to the trusty old masks. And yes, only those with cushion at the nose will prevent clouding of your glasses. Those that don't have and claim it has anti-clouding effect is not trustable.

Unfortunately, my eyelids decided to join in the allergy party and became itchy and swollen one morning. So I decided to buy this eye drop from a pharmacy. Needless to say, it doesn't work.

So with all off-the-shelf solutions not working, I decided that it's finally time to seek treatment from a doctor. I was prescribed with Claritin tablets, nasal spray, 3 types of eyedrops and an ointment to trap pollen. The bill was 3930yen with insurance (30% of total bill). Fortunately, my allergy stopped within a week and I found out that I was allergic to only Cedar pollen and not the new Cypress pollen. So now I'm happy to open my windows once more without wearing a mask! :D

And this is the deadly cedar pollen in action from Youtube:

 So what's your experience with pollen allergy products?


  1. Interesting.
    One of my students has to use those glasses as well.
    I've also seen a spray for your face that will make it less itchy. Haven't bought it, cuz it was rather expensive.

    I do get a shot in the hospital every few weeks, two different types of medicine and eye drops and I heard that eating probiotics (yogurt) and drinking Chinese tea will help, so I'm doing that as well.

    Still suffer quite a bit, though! T__T

    1. I read that drinking green tea and eating more vitamin c would help.
      But I tried and saw no improvements... =_=

      The Claritin tablets works wonder, and I had less sneezes throughout the day!
      Solved a bit of my eye tearing problem too.
      The doc even told me that if it doesn't work, he has stronger tablets for me O_O;;

      It seems that the nose cream that you can put around the nose works to trap some pollen according to some people's feedback. I hope your symptoms can be relieved soon!

  2. Are there in Japan some asia-specific pollen, that usually cannot be found in europe or america?

    1. I think there is, like the Japanese cypress tree. It belongs to the same family of cypress trees but it seems to be different...

  3. I am surprised that many of the products don't work! I thought everything sold in Japan is gonna be good.

    1. Sadly no... I updated a new cream to my review that has a word "cool" to it. My friend said that it works!

  4. I would have fall for the same thing "hey if they sell it in the supermarket it must work"...has happened to me as well, and what is more sad is that it has happened more than I want to think that I want the product to work, trust it will because it sounds great...guess that is the reason I buy useless stuff :P

    1. LOL, that's a good thought!
      I even went online to check the reviews, a few said it works, but I guess it was indeed a psychological belief that if it works, it works!
      Or maybe I'm just unlucky...



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