Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow can't do us apart 連雪也抵擋不住的熱情

Tokyo today was freezing cold as it snowed for the whole day for the first time this year. I was gazing outside my window to rest my eyes and admire the snow (because there's no where else interesting to look at in my tiny 9sqm room), when I spotted these 2 cute parrot lovebirds on the tree in front of my veranda. Aww, I thought, one pair. Were they hiding out from the snow? But the withered tree provided no shelter... or were they dating?

Then I got my shocking answer:

I see~ so it was beyond dating. 

Despite the cold snow, the affair lasted for a few minutes before they flew off together. No need for subscription to Animal Planet, I have nature, literally at my doorstep!

Of course, it comes with insects, like the praying mantis.


  1. Hahahah!
    Well, I witnessed wild dogs doing the act on the pavement. Then the couple crossed the road to the divider, mated again and the 3rd time when they reached the other side of the road. It's hilarious k!

  2. Wa! I guess it must have been very disturbing! Because you were always watching them! XD



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