Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kyushu 9: Confucian Shrine 孔子廟

I was quite surprised that Confucius is rather popular in Japan.

Behind the shrine is a small-scale museum, exhibiting China artifacts and artwork that were borrowed from the Chinese government. I was amazed at the intricate carvings of many jade seals... how nice would it be if my "hanko" (Japanese seal) is as pretty as that~

Sacrificial ceremonies are held every year in September's last weekend at 1pm. I wonder what they sacrifice on that day... Sashimi?

Anyway, back to my favorite topic, FOOD!

This crab dish looked appealing but the taste was unimpressive.

This oily pork meat (kakuni) tasted so much better as it was a local popular dish. Just look at that thick layer of oil! Needless to say, this one was inherited from China due to the trade relationship between Nagasaki and China. However the Japanese has a weird way of eating it with mustard.

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