Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dr. Sketchy in Tokyo

I attended this life drawing session called "Dr. Sketchy" in Shibuya last month, and was quite amazed to see so many foreigners and a few SINGAPOREANS there! Believe me, I'm the only Singaporean in my Japanese school and nobody, nobody would understand my Singlish LEH!
上個月參加了一個非一般的繪畫沙龍,名字叫"Dr. Sketchy"。很訝異的是竟然有那麼多外國人和幾位新加坡人!!!在日語學校裡,只有我一個新加坡人,根本沒人會了解我的"新"式英語T_T

(I can't see the feet, that's why I kept on drawing portraits...)

I haven't been doing any life drawing for more than 4 months since I came here. Everyday it was Japanese, Japanese and more Japanese! I wanted to bang my head against the keyboards and roll over the floor. Too bad my dormitory room was too bloody small, no space for a body to roll anywhere.

Dr. Sketchy was fun because the model, Dolly Divine, is a burlesque artist and posed well. But be prepared to pay more than 2000yen for model tips too.

To my surprise, there is also a Singapore branch too!? (Since when uh?)

Photo credits: First group photograph taken by Buddy Jiang from


  1. zero: 其實有“蓋住”的

  2. 我喜歡倒數第2張的大特寫!! 哈哈!!!

  3. Wow. Dr Sketchy is everywhere.

  4. 狗雪雪:哈哈,謝啦!其實主辦單位是要求大家畫花火大會的,只有我沒聽,畫下雪。

    Parka:Yes indeed! Did you went to the one in Singapore?

    Buddy: はい、もし都合が良ければ^^

  5. Haha, I just saw my friend there which also happens to be your senior, Shuwan. The second girl on the right wearing specs. What a small world. Ha!

  6. Haha, she's actually my junior, but I look younger XD

  7. LoL... I dun even know how you look but I believe in NYP she is your senior? Unless of course I'm wrong haha.

  8. Haha~ It's strange, why did you believe that she was my senior? Was she from the pioneer or 2nd batch? I'm from the 3rd batch graduated in 2001 :P

  9. OMG... you must be ancient....I thought otherwise. Then you're actually my 师姐.... Did you participate in 24 Hour Comic Day on Sat? I did mine at Savannah.

  10. Hey, what do you mean ancient, you young rabbit!
    I don't know if there's a 24 hr comic day in Japan, cos you know, I'm not in an art school now and have other non-artistic commitments. Your comic looks pretty cool, can you make the pics bigger or something?

    Anyway, enjoy ya overseas studies! I personally found America more fun than Japan.

  11. Haha, actually I graduated in 03 so not really that far. It must be crazy studying jap, I'm impressed. Well you can click on the pictures and they'll just blow up into a bigger page. There's more stuff here

    I haven been to japan so can't comment on that. Its one of my dream destination actually so... I cant really imagine how japan is less fun than the states haha... maybe the education culture is different. But you seemed like having fun too!

  12. Ha, you know readers don't like to click one by one to blow up the pages unless they're your die hard fan and would spend time to do that.

    Well, for me I had dreamed of coming to Japan since high school. But dream and reality is very different. I try to concentrate on the good side ;P

    Anyway who knows, you might come to work here one day!

  13. Hahaha tough call, I don't speak jap!

  14. Huh! Cool!

    BTW, I had a chance to find You on first picture. :P

    Did You recover from cold?
    When are You planiing to return back to S-pore?
    Will You continue Your blog?

    ewww ...

    1. LOL, I covered part of my face tho XD

      I'd recovered, well almost. I suspect I have allergy or sinus too...
      I'm going to go back home on Oct 5th and I will continue my blog because I still have some backlog to write about~

  15. He-he, and You are covering face with picture #5, kinda winter picture.

    Do You have plans to visit Japan time after time?
    What is Your next country?

    I hope that You will fully recover soon.
    I could imagine how busy You are with that moving, Cancelling accounts, packing, meeting friends. Wishing You safe and easy moving to SG. Good luck.

    ewww ...

    1. LOL indeed, I am busy buying some things, packing, cancelling accounts, meeting friends and rushing some work~

      Thanks ewww :)



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