Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shopping in Tokyo 在東京逛街

So what to do when you're staying in Shinjuku? Of course, SHOPPING!

Harajuku is dotted with many famous foreign brands like Gap, Laura Ashley, Chanel, Bulgari, etc. There's also a huge Nike retail shop which allows you to customize your very own shoe for approximately 19,000yen. You can choose a shoe design which you like, then use their computer to change the color and material. I'm saving up for it!

There are many shops selling interesting goods and I became especially fond of this second-hand branded bags shop...

Just look at that lovely price tag for a well-maintained 30cm Birkin! It's approximately SG$11k, including tax. Of course, I will just admire it from the window now...
30cm的Birkin只需要749,880yen! 扣稅之後會更划算吧!當然我現在只能在窗外欣賞而已。

Besides retail shops, there is a tremendous amount of night clubs. In fact, I see more "hosts" than "hostesses" at night giving out pamphlets to invite ladies to their clubs. Every single one of them look like someone who just came out from Final Fantasy. I wonder how often they dye their hair and if they finish one tub of hair wax per night. Anyway,  they all look very similar...
除了商店,新宿也有很多夜間俱樂部。晚上可以看到很多男公關在發傳單招客,每個都好像從Final Fantasy跳出來的人物一樣。我在想他們是不是每個月都去染髮啊!?而且會不會每晚都用完一罐髮膠呢!?不過很殘念的是,很多都不高,而且都長得好像。

Here's my small collection of tissue papers collected while walking around Shinjuku. I think you can collect at least 2 tissue packets per shopping trip to the city. No need to buy!
這是我在新宿收集到的面紙戰利品。 我想一次出門可以至少收到2包面紙,無須購買!

We found a shop in Harajuku which we really liked called ainz tulpe (what a strange name). Anyway it sells a lot of skincare, haircare and body care products both from local and overseas. It was quite cheap, with Shiseido Baraen series at 30% off! The lady also gave us some free lip gloss samples to try with.  So I bought...
我們在原宿那裡找到一間不錯的護膚化裝店叫ainz tulpe。那裡有賣好多外國和日本的人氣產品。例如資生堂的玫瑰園,現在打7折!買多了還贈送一些護唇膏試用品呢:D
  • hand cream 60g for 700yen
  • body wash 300ml for 700yen
  • body milk 200ml for 1050yen
  • Elizabeth Ardeen Green Tea body cream 400ml for only 2000yen!?!
  • Clinique moisturizer 125ml for around 4400yen
  • Nanoce BB moist cream 40g for 1800yen
  • Toothbrush (its very strange but I couldn't find those fancy oral-B/Colgate manual toothbrushes with gum brush, protruding tip and tongue cleaner)
I returned to find my Japanese moleskines already delivered although it was a public holiday! Delivery service here never rests!

Talking about these "legendary" moleskines, I own one which was bought 8 years ago. It was really expensive because it was made in Italy by modoemodo. However to my dismay, now with the same price, I'm buying those made in China. The quality seems about the same, except for the paper color!
The black cover sketchbook has a more yellowish tint than its fellow China sketchbook. I feel that things made in the past have better quality than mass products now, especially electronic goods and art materials.


  1. 好多保養品阿@@~

  2. 看來你已經入境隨俗如魚得水了

  3. 小卓:哈哈,因為現在是黃金週啊~ 所以趕緊更新XD

    Tina: 有更多錢的話,會更如魚得水!

  4. shopping happily. the Hermes Birkin bag is nice but so pricy even for a 2nd hand one. So many free tissues, can pass me some when you are back :)) take care *hugs*

  5. Joanne:

    Sure, I pass you one when I go back, haha XD
    You take care too, seems like you always visit the doctor.

  6. ok thanks. No choice. Have to visit doctor bcos my ear is bleeding like hell that day. Luckily I am not deaf. I was so worried I will become deaf becos alot of blood :( but now recovering :) My daddy was so worried about me that he brought me to the clinic. I visit doctor for injury more than for flu *LOL* I must married a doctor husband.

  7. Joanne: Ya I read about that that in your blog already, so that's why I commented about your doctor visits. Hope you find rich husband soon! ;P

  8. Hahaha glad to see you are shopping like crazy XD are you going to work part time in your stay here?

  9. Hi Jacqueline! Nice to see you here!

    No, I'm not supposed to work part time because the scholarship gives us allowance every month and wants us to concentrate on studies and participate their activities and write reports. Also, I don't have time to part-time! @__@

    Learning new language at this age is a pain, and I gotta look through some universities and see which to aim and sit into their entrance exam which costs like SGD500/ea!!! Of course the more famous schools are more difficult to get in...

  10. Ha-ha, You also like moleskin notebooks.
    I had many of them. And, I'd say, they made them in China, not in Italy. It was long time ago, when it was made in Italy, and ... prolly that is a real reason why these notebooks gone from the market - too expensive.
    BTW, I thought that I am only fan of these.

    ewww ...

    1. Yes, the one I bought a long time ago was made in Italy T_T
      I no longer buy moleskines anymore because I have problem filling up the sketchbooks that I already have!!!



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