Sunday, April 25, 2010

MICC and other blablabla

Thanks to my friends who sent emails and left me messages to congratulate me on the selection!!! :D
I was thrilled with tears when I know the 1st screening results but I hope that I can get into the next round, because after all, I'm already in Japan learning Japanese everyday!!! *口*

畢竟我已經在日本每天學日語了!!! I feel excited after coming to Japan? 那麼來日本後興奮嗎?

My friends assumed that I would feel excited after coming to Japan, the country which I had long yearned to experience its culture and life. Sadly after coming to Japan, I hadn't got a chance to draw much. My mind is heavy every day with Japanese homework and activities from the scholarship program. To give you a better picture, its like a duck being force fed food everyday through its throat whether it likes it or not. Although this is a good way to improve my Japanese, sometimes I can't help to wonder why I left my comfortable life to go through this suffering.


Of course, not all is bad. There are some fun people and many new things to see and experience, as well as *window shopping (things are expensive here!). Perhaps this year is a tough year to get through and life would be better after getting into an art university.


I'm broke till 28th May 沒錢
After spending lots of money to setup, I was told that next month's allowance will only come on 28th May! Which means I only have money for food and mobile phone plan right now. So I'm planning not to go anywhere far during Golden Week, stay in my room to study Japanese and write my new story (in case I don't win again).

My New 16" TV 新16"電視

This summarizes why I went broke. After 3 weeks without TV, I finally couldn't stand it anymore and went to Bic Camera to buy the cheapest new TV in Shinjuku which costs slightly less than 20,000 yen. It's nice and small, suitable for my TINY dorm room.

這就是為什麼我破產的原因。過了3週沒有電視的生活後,終於受不了了。昨天去Bic Camera買全新宿最便宜的20,000yen新電視。又小又便宜,適合我小小的宿舍房間。

Great Service in Japan 日本的優秀服務

Service in Japan is really great! The sales people really went all out to carry your things to the counter, patiently explain everything and bow with gratitude at the end of transaction. They also offer door to door delivery with a small fee. Worlds apart from Singapore!



  1. cong cong :)
    so for round 2 you are required to submit another comic / short story or they will use the one that won the first selection round? (Shichiya's Pawnshop)

  2. 妳原本房裡那台大台的舊電視呢?


  3. purutaru: No need to create another comic (I'll probably die if I have to do another by June). I think they have a few rounds to dingdong their thoughts and analysis between themselves, then probably narrow down the list further and further to the top 2 or 3. That's what I think after tracking their competition for 3 years...

    austin: 哎唷~那笨重的電視我早就放在外面給人家了。我寧願把位子留給重要的微波爐!我們房間都是單人房的。聽說有其它宿舍是雙人房,會很不方便吧!

  4. 其實我家一直都沒有電視機~

  5. Zero: 我喜歡看電視~

  6. 嗯嗯...沒電視和電腦我會覺得生活好空虛.......

  7. Erica: 哈哈,我們都曾經是電視兒童吧!?

  8. Tina: 哇!我得去修訂 XD

  9. Is it a pantsu under TV-set?

    ewww ...

    1. HAha, good joke, thanks XD
      It's just a table wiping cloth.



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