Friday, April 16, 2010

Japanese Study and Daily Routine 日語課和每日行程

Sorry to bore you with this first picture...but these were the books our teacher gave us on the first day! So now you know why I haven't got the time to update my blog often, holy cow!

This is our e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g schedule from Monday to Friday. Japanese from 09:10~15:20 with an hour lunch break in between. 4.5 hours of Japanese every weekday! You can imagine how happy I was... ... ... Even better, there's at least 2-4 tests everyday! I'm thrilled...
這是我們星期一到五的行程,09:10~15:20,中間有1小時的午飯時間,真高興啊... ...

As my scholarship sponsors half of an electronic dictionary's cost,  I went to Yodabashi Camera to buy a brand new pink Sharp PW-GC610. Electronic dictionaries are so much cheaper now than 5 years ago. This one costs 29,800 yen with touch screen, color display and handwriting recognition. You can also charge the battery by plugging in the ac adapter. Convenient!
由於獎學金會支付電子辭典的一半費用,所以我到了Yodabashi Camera買一台新的Sharp PW-GC610。比起5年前,現在電子辭典的價格還真便宜。這台29,800yen的辭典還包括觸摸銀幕,全彩色和手寫辨別能力。而且充電只要插入電線就可以了,多方便啊!

And oh, I must mention that my blinds are finally changed today! Now I can look out of my window every single day through my sparkling new clean white blinds! BANZAI!!!

This is my new Sanyo rice cooker, nicely wrapped up in Yodabashi for me to carry back home. Great and polite service.

But since I'm busy everyday, I still resort to buying a supermarket bento which costs around 450 yen for my lunch :P
即使如此,因為每天都很忙,所以我還是選擇購買超市約450yen的便當來當午餐 :P

After 2 weeks of sad dormitory life, there's finally a welcome party with free food! It was actually quite delicious with fresh sushi, smoked salmon, crab salad, tempura, soba, fried rice, sandwiches, beef, pork meatballs, fruits,etc. Finally something nice happens! So maybe I can live on for another year here.
渡過淒慘的2週宿舍生活後,終於有免費食物的歡迎會了!食物都還蠻好吃的,有新鮮的壽司,smoked salmon, 螃蟹沙拉,tempura,面,炒飯,三文治,牛肉,豬肉丸,水果,等。 我有一種終於有好事的感覺,所以說不定還能在這裡耐一年吧?


  1. 你是去多久啊??

  2. 對啊,進得了大學院就繼續待到2013年。

  3. Hey Eva

    Kelvin here. This evening went eating with dajie at liang court, and she told me you are at Shinjuku. Saw the picture of your room. Nice big TV! I like your dictionary too.
    I may be going to Tokyo in August for business. Hopefully can meet up with you if you are not too busy going through that tall stack of textbooks...haha

  4. Kelvin: Aiyo TV too big! I threw it outside and someone else picked it up. If you coming and if I'm free can meet up lor, as you can see my thick stack of textbooks, dunno can make it or not. You email me when your date is confirmed la! I got Japanese iphone liao.

  5. 可以啦 慢慢就習慣了

  6. wow ! got Japanese iphone. Can upload picture for us to see here ? I like your new denshi jishou...very pink. Next time when my current one spoilt can ask you to buy one for me since so cheap. I see your that stacks of book can faint. Gambatte. Miss you *hugs*

  7. Goh: Hey I just got to know my schedule, first half of Aug I'll be at homestays and volunteer program (all compulsory activities designated by my scholarship). So I'll be released after that...

    Tina: 希望如此,年紀大了學語言真的越來越困難呢...我終於體會maxine的痛苦!? XD

    Joanne: Japanese iPhone looks the same as Singapore iPhones lah~ Just that in Japan there's a lot of cool cases that you can buy for your phone. But I'm on budget, so I bought the cheapest and most plain design. Do you still use your Denshi Jisho? If not no need to buy la, save money. It's really intensive Japanese every single day! I'm going bonkers.

  8. EVA真厲害...那麼大一疊書我看了頭好暈......@@

  9. Erica: 不是我厲害啦!是逼不得已的...嗚~



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