Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where to change my Yen in Singapore? 去哪裡換日幣?

So I'd been watching the exchange rate recently and the Yen seems to be getting stronger (SGD/JPY forex chart). So I rushed down to change my money before I lose more.

The exchange rate was:
AMK Hub $15.7
Mustafa $15.51
Suntec City $15.48

As you can see, the heartland mall exchange rate is not very good. After checking the forex rates at  Mustafa's website, I dashed down to do my exchange. But when I went to Suntec City to cut my hair, I found out that their rate was slightly better. I also heard that The Arcade's rate at Raffles Place area was the best. So now you know where to change your money!

Update 2011: People's Park Centre offers a better rate than Suntec!



  1. some says parkway parade has good rates also... but not sure abt now

  2. Chinatown offers better rate now than Suntec!



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