Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Framing my painting at Bras Basah Complex 裱畫

Today's errand is to go Bras Basah Complex to collect my 7 yr old watercolor painting of Clarke Quay. I originally copied it from an A4 print-out (as you can see in photo) as a practice in an Intermediate Watercolor class at Lasalle.


You'll find a few shops at the 2nd floor which does custom framing. I did mine at Pin Xuan Ge Art Gallery #02-31. An A3 custom framing service with their cheapest material and acrylic cover would be $30. I find it pretty well-done. Any cheaper would mean buying those plastic cover frames from Ikea.

As I exit the door, I noticed this HUGE BRUSH!!!

正當我走出店時,發現一個巨大的畫筆 OoO;;

*translated as "Dragon God"

According to the boss, this is their lucky object and it was custom made. It was very clean, no dust, and I stood there for a moment admiring the craftsmanship.



  1. I was at BBC too! But at 6pm plus. Didn't notice this big brush.

  2. HAHA! I went off around 5pm to avoid the human traffic later XD
    The shop is located further down from Popular bookshop and their brush is rather hidden from the escalator direction.



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