Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore 新加坡環球電影城

Of course I must visit Universal Studios before I leave Singapore! I forced asked my friends to go with me on a Saturday which costs $72, very expensive. Because their hit attraction Battlestar Galactica was closed for tweaking, they gave us $10 meal voucher and $5 retail voucher :(

週末票價為$71真貴!由於其中一個主要景點Battlestar Galactica無期關閉,所以當局分發了$10餐飲券和$5購物券。但我覺得還是不划算。
We went to our left and walked pass "Madagascar" because "A Crate Adventure" wasn't open and "King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round" (merry-go-round) wasn't very exciting.

 Far Far Away

In "Far Far Away", there's the cute puss in boots and everyone else from Shrek. The 4D show was enjoyable although I had problems catching the host's Singlish accent. We skipped "Donkey Live" and "Magic Potion Spin" because they seem to be for kids, boring for us. "Enchanted Airways" was a junior roller coaster which was nice, but too short. They have a small shelf to let you put your bags while you go for your spin.

我在這Far Far Away區裡最喜歡的是4D秀,再來是"Enchanted Airways"的小型過山車。不過因為似乎是給小孩子的,所以感覺不是很刺激,路程也太短了。

The Lost World

We went to queue more than 60mins for the "Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure" which was a raft down a "river". My friend bought a poncho because she didn't want to get wet but I refused to spend additional money. When the people came out of the raft dripping wet, we thought that they shook the boat, the ride can't be that wet! So ok, I WAS WRONG! I sat at the middle, thinking that I'm the safest of all, but when the raft went down, the water had nowhere to go but up...then down. Yes down! Splashing down on my whole body! ARGH! I came out dripping wet and my friends only drenched at their feet. Hooray.

唉,我為了省錢,玩"Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure"時不買雨衣穿。我還以為坐中間是最安全的,結果左右的朋友只是腳部溼透,而我卻整個溼透,氣死我了!

"Canopy Flyer" was rather fun but again it was too short, so we rode on it twice. "Dino-Soarin" was also for kids, very boring. "Amber Rock Climb" costs additional so we skipped it.

There was a show at "WaterWorld" and it lasted for around 40mins. The beginning was just water splashing at audiences (depending on where you chose to sit) so it was rather boring after some time. The actors and actress were all professional ang mor. However I personally think that there was too much dialogue and we were seated too distant from the show. I prefer the free show at Las Vegas, I think it was called Peter Pan and Pirates. The performance was in close proximity with the audiences and you can feel the heat when they did the pyrotechnics.


Ancient Egypt

Our favorite ride was actually the "Revenge of the Mummy", an indoor roller coaster ride into complete darkness. The whole building was well designed and the ride very exciting. We went on it 3 times but like other rides, we felt that it was too short. The lockers were on rental basis with first 30mins free and chargeable thereafter. So we quickly queue for ride, then dash to the lockers to renew. Can't imagine how it will be like when the park fully open and more people queuing for the ride. I felt that the lockers should be free since we spent so much money on the tickets, food and beverage as well as souvenirs on our way out.

我們最喜歡的是"Revenge of the Mummy"室內過山車。在完全黑暗的古墓裡,實在刺激。可惜路程也有點短,坐車時也不能帶任何包包。衣物櫃首30分鐘是免費的,但是之後要算錢,真不划算。所以我們坐完之後就趕緊去更新衣物櫃,然後再去排隊玩。連續坐了3次。

"Treasure Hunters" was a jeep ride around to explore abandoned excavation sites but it was extremely boring. Also for kids.

We had an early lunch at the "Oasis Spice Cafe" and ordered Lebanese food. It was very good and the staff were very polite and even helped us get utensils, etc. You can't get this kind of service unless you're in top restaurants in Singapore. However when we went to "Discovery Food Court" for tea break, the queue was long and it took 40mins for my friend to get her food!

我們在"Oasis Spice Cafe"吃到不錯的黎巴嫩食物。服務人員態度也都非常親切友善,而且還幫我們拿餐具。這種服務哪裡找啊!除非你去昂貴的餐廳才有吧!可惜當我們下午去"Discovery Food Court"喝茶時,朋友等了40分鐘才等到他的雞飯!

Sci-Fi City

From time to time, there will be characters out for a walk with accompanying staff to help control snap shooting crowds, take photographs and make sure the mascots return to their rooms before they faint from our Singapore heat.


Except for Beetlejuice who didn't have to put on heavy plastic costume.

This is the star ride of the park "Battlestar Gallactica" which was closed :(
這就是主要景點"Battlestar Gallactica"啦!真可惜無期關閉,根據新聞報導是說他們還要進行一些調整。

Ending Thoughts 總結

Overall we had a good time at Universal Studios and the staff were very friendly, approachable and polite. However rides were generally too short, if there's a lot of people, you can imagine how frustrating it would be to queue 60mins for a 5-10 mins ride. Because the theme park is small, one day is enough to complete all the shows and rides.


Dinner at Chinois 新華晚餐

We couldn't get a seat at Chiles because everyone exited the park at 6+pm...
So we wandered around the hotel area to look for a nice restaurant to end our eventful day.
I got to choose the restaurant since it was a farewell for me, so I chose Chinois, a Chinese fusion restaurant.

因為是"soft opening"所以6點就關門了。可想而知大家都出來吃晚餐,Chiles美國餐廳大排長龍!所以我們去旅店區找餐廳。因為是我的送別會,所以由我作主,選擇了一家中餐新式餐廳:新華。

Since it was a treat, we ordered the most expensive set. This is our starters "Chilled Momotaro Tomato Salad topped with Sake-marinated Confit of Lobster".  Classy.

因為是朋友請客,所以點了最貴的套餐 XD

Since there were quite a number of dishes, I'll skip to my favorite ones. The above is "Oven-baked Fillet of Atlantic Cod with Mustard Au Gratin and Wild Mushrooms", yummy.

My favorite is this: "Wok-fried Jasmine Rice with Minced Australian Wagyu Beef topped with Seared Foie Gras. The goose liver was absolutely heavenly~~~

And so, we ended our day with this sumptuous dinner. My friend didn't forget to add this: "You better make it big in Japan after this treat ah!". Yes I'll try... may the force be with me...



  1. 妳這次到日本一定要成名哦!


  2. 哈哈謝謝謝謝~!
    你看來比我更會找地方玩嘛!應該是我靠你吧!? 哈哈 XD



  3. just back from Universal Studio and had lots of fun :)) Waterworld show is sponsor by my company SingTel. If you know how foie gras is made, you might not want to eat it. It is nice to eat but so sinful food. The geese are very poor thing. I will avoid eating it as far as I can.

  4. Joanne: If you think about it, all meat are sinful. So if you really feel bad, you can become vegetarian like my friend. At least for geese, the whole body is utilized, their down feathers make good comforters, etc. Unlike the shark, which is only hunted for its fins and they're left struggling in the ocean until they bleed to death:(

    Tina: 哈哈,對啊~ 感覺不在新加坡,是不錯的地方。但是消費也蠻高的,所以主要吸引的是旅客。

  5. 真的好貴婦生活阿.........
    我覺得我會嚮往去吃 吃到飽 這樣子的餐廳
    對我而言會比較滿足 呵呵
    真的快嚇死我了 OH....

  6. I mean it is cruel to eat foie gras. The geese are forced fed so as to grow their liver fat fat to serve customers. They are not naturally fed. I like to eat foie gras but after I read the story and seen the videos, feel so cruel to eat it. Wiki on it and you will understand what I mean. You should see the videos on how they are forced fed.

  7. 小卓:唉,現在貴婦淪落成...落魄學生了。讀我最新的文章就知道了,嗚嗚嗚~~~

    Joanne: Of course I know what you mean, anyway whatever, I don't have energy to debate.

  8. 我只有去過日本的環球影城~

  9. yan: 我來之後也一直下雨,最近有時晴。

  10. 30 mins of free locker time is increased when queues get bigger... they do this to make sure lockers are always there for people sitting rides

  11. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your info! I'm wondering why they don't offer it for free or increase the duration of free usage, e.g. 1hr permanently...

  12. 我毕业旅行要去,真期待!!笨蛋弟弟没得去。XD

  13. 真好!最好還是週日,根本不需要等太久!



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