Friday, April 27, 2012

Japanese Service is just different 日本服務就是不一樣!

There is one thing I admire very much about Japanese culture, that is their attitude to provide the best service for customers. Friends around me are getting 1000yen/hour (SG$15) to do part-time jobs like admin/sales/waiter, compared to only SG$5/hour in Singapore. Will you be willing to pay a bit more for better service???


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Close encounter with Sumo! 我和相撲手有個約會

Finally we got to see SUMO! Although not the actual contest, but it felt just as good to see them practice in their sumo stables within such close proximity!
Photo: With current Sekiwaki (Sumo 3rd rank) Aminishiki, 33 years old.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blood sucking Japanese ATM 日本的吸血提款機

I think it's absurd to be charged for withdrawing your own money from an ATM that belongs to the same bank that you'd signed up with. Anybody knows if this happens in other countries too?


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Japanese Banks do not want my money 日本銀行不要我的錢

Japanese banks are only open between 9-3pm weekdays. What do they do with the rest of the time? Count cash notes one by one? Well, at least this is one service that I appreciate more back home in Singapore!

According to my Japanese professor, who used to be a consultant with banks, he said that the banks here are very rich and don't need regular customers like us to earn money. Another reason could be due to regulation that prohibits extended hours. That means no extension even in stations and malls!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Romantic Season 2 浪漫季節二

I have a friend in Hokkaido, who is a fan of my dog Kopi. She would kill me if I don't bring him out, so here's part two!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tokyo sakura in full-bloom 東京的櫻花滿開了!

Sakura in Tokyo are "officially" in full-bloom today! This year was a bit later than previous years due to the abnormally long and cold winter. I didn't have money to travel and enter the parks, so I just walked 15 mins away from my apartment to Kanda River (canal?) to admire those roadside sakura. Here are a few scenic photos to share with everyone.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Parks are just not the same 同是公園,但就是不一樣!

Not just parks, the whole of Singapore seems to be undergoing some kind of major renovation with construction work all over the tiny island. Japanese parks are a bit old, but they're well-maintained and still beautiful.

For photos, like my Facebook Page!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Sakura battle 櫻花大戰

Sakura in Tokyo will start blooming this weekend! Oh, the pretty sakura... just like what you see in anime and drama. But if you're heading down to the popular Shinjuku park, be prepared for the Sakura Battle! Hunt and guard your territory well. Prepared to have your bag or shoes tramped on or accidentally tramping on others. Remember to also stare at other people to fight for the best scenic shot. Will you still risk your 200yen and still go for the kill?

氣象局說這週末東京的櫻花就會開始盛開了!日劇和動漫常常呈獻出一種又美麗又浪漫的氣氛。但在東京的新宿公園裡,爛漫的櫻花下隱藏著濃濃殺氣... 變成你爭我奪的“地盤爭霸戰”。包包或鞋子不是被踩到,就是不小心踩到別人的。你瞪我,我瞪你,爭奪在最漂亮櫻花樹下拍照。這樣的賞花,你還會去嗎?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An end and new beginning 一個結束和新的開始

I was looking at my comic strips printed out before my computer broke down. I found out that after all these years, my favorite is still the old comics that I drew in my Taiwanese blog, literally translated as "rich lady series". Maybe I'm really vain and materialistic? Or maybe I really enjoyed drawing comics without the black boxes with complete freedom to escape the boundaries? Or maybe I just write better in Chinese? Or was it due to stress from slow growth of FB fans?

Although my computer broke down, I talked with a few new friends. One of them actually gave me a wise advise... don't worry about these, the most important thing is to enjoy the creation process. Many people told me the same thing before but those words just didn't penetrate through my skull. But somehow this time, it did. So I reflected on why I enjoyed drawing the old series.

1) Writing the dialogues in Chinese somehow makes my expressions more exaggerated?
2) I prefer drawing without those boxes.
3) I prefer to be depicted as a rich lady (with my old branded bag)

There has been feedback that my theme wasn't clear so I'd decided to just draw about my life in Japan! If it is well-received, I will also self-publish a comic book on Amazon too! Cool right? Hahaha <- in serious hallucination.

Finally I can feel that Spring is coming today and Sakura in Tokyo is expected to bloom this weekend. A new season, a new feeling and a new start. Thank you for sticking around and may you continue to accompany me and Kopi (dog's new name) in this new journey :)



1) 我似乎用中文寫會比較有戲劇性,用英文會比較冷靜。
2) 我也好像比較喜歡沒有格子的創作,感覺自由。
3) 我還是喜歡當貴婦XD

做得好,說不定真能出書喔!哇哈哈哈~~~ ←進入妄想狀態中...



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