Friday, March 30, 2012

Sakura battle 櫻花大戰

Sakura in Tokyo will start blooming this weekend! Oh, the pretty sakura... just like what you see in anime and drama. But if you're heading down to the popular Shinjuku park, be prepared for the Sakura Battle! Hunt and guard your territory well. Prepared to have your bag or shoes tramped on or accidentally tramping on others. Remember to also stare at other people to fight for the best scenic shot. Will you still risk your 200yen and still go for the kill?

氣象局說這週末東京的櫻花就會開始盛開了!日劇和動漫常常呈獻出一種又美麗又浪漫的氣氛。但在東京的新宿公園裡,爛漫的櫻花下隱藏著濃濃殺氣... 變成你爭我奪的“地盤爭霸戰”。包包或鞋子不是被踩到,就是不小心踩到別人的。你瞪我,我瞪你,爭奪在最漂亮櫻花樹下拍照。這樣的賞花,你還會去嗎?


  1. 人擠人不如待在家~~

  2. 小卓:還有一個選擇...找免費的路邊櫻花拍照:P

    Parka: Thank you! :D

  3. Since U R there, might as well go!
    Maybe U can try Osaka, seems like not so many pple.

  4. hui: Haha... no money liao...sob...

  5. Hm .. I guess that happens when you live in the biggest city of the world?
    I've never had issues, but so far I always only lived in the Japanese countryside!! ^-^;

    1. YES! Everywhere is crowded, crowded, crowded!
      I used to yearn for countryside life...
      But after staying in Tokyo, I thought it felt like countryside compared with Singapore :/

    2. Eh??? How is that even possible? XD
      Isn't Tokyo the biggest city in the world?
      I've never been to Singapore, but it's on my "want to visit" list! :)

    3. It's a metropolitan, but maybe because things are old and not as automated...



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