Sunday, April 26, 2020

Comics: Copyrights 101

I did this comic because of the recent incident that my artwork was used by the Malaysian government for their mask distribution without my knowledge nor credit:
Photo credit: Sky Loo

A closer look:
Photo credit: Sky Loo

Here is my original artwork posted on my social media channels in Feb:

There were 2 versions, this was the first version with my eyes open. The second expanded version had my eyes closed to look sick:

As it was posted with another instructional comic, so I did not sign this particular page. Because the comic was used for a good cause and given away for free with the masks to protect people from the virus, so I accepted the apology from APM, the department in-charge of the infographics, that they did not know who drew it. However I would like to emphasize that it doesn't mean you can happily take anything from the internet to redistribute it without permission from the copyright owner, even if it is for a non-profit purpose. I hope they learnt their lesson and of course I will remember to sign every page of my comic from now on...

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